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After Mike does poor damage control on Nathan's murder, Ace immediately realizes what happened. He confronts Mike about the young man's death, but Mike won't own up to it. Ace threatens Mike with the disc of Cohen meeting with the Chief, but Mike isn't going to take being cut out of Ace's plan lying down. He puts a hit out on Ace.

At the track, Walter is still dealing with the challenge to his ownership of Gettin' Up Morning. This week, he wins out and the stewards vote that he is still the colt's owner and trainer, at least for the moment. Gettin' Up Morning will race in the Western Derby, a million dollar prize race, where he'll face off against Pint of Plain. 

The jockeys get shuffled around this week. When Leon can't make weight, he gets taken off of Mon Gateau for derby day and replaced with Rosie. Ronnie wins a race and finally feels like his luck has changed. 

Escalante is trying to focus on getting Pint of Plain ready for the derby, but is distracted when Jo gets kicked in the stomach and her pregnancy is jeopardized. Luckily, it seems like she'll be okay for now.

The gamblers want Escalante to focus on their horse, Mon Gateau, who is also racing on derby day, but they're also concerned with Naomi, Jerry's new friend. 


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Luck Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Leon: The most specialist stuff there is, cause I've tried everything I heard of.

Ronnie: I won the Kentucky derby. Where I've been since...this race coming up is the biggest race of my life. I ain't about to f**k up my own luck ruining things for somebody else.

DiRossi: So now we're out of his move.
Mike: Out of his move, Nick? No. It's Ace with whom we're severing connections. We're businessmen after all, and savage bands are hardly in short supply. We're gonna take over and multiply Ace's plans, bring in slots and table games, put the sport on a sound fiscal basis.
DiRossi: While Bernstein's doing what?
Mike: My thought, Nick, would be nothing at all.