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In the pilot episode of HBO's new drama Luck, Chester "Ace" Bernstein is released from federal prison after serving a three year sentence. Now that he's out, Ace sets the wheels in motion on his plan for revenge. Ace doesn't waste anytime. On his first day out, he visits a former business partner to discuss plans for Ace's next venture. Another key player in his plan is his driver, Gus Demitriou a.k.a "The Greek", who is Ace's front man and has recently bought a race horse.

At the racetrack, gamblers Jerry, Marcus, Renzo, and Lonnie have bet on the Pick 6 of the day, hoping for a 2 million dollar pay out. Escalante, the trainer looking after Gus' horse, has a surprise win when one of his other horses is ridden by an apprentice jockey, or "bug boy". Walter Smith, a trainer with a dark past, works out the potentially Derby-winning horse that is his only hope for redemption.

As the races unfold, it becomes clear that the gamblers have a good shot at winning the Pick 6. In the final race, their first pick horse breaks its leg, but the guys' second pick comes in first, winning them a prize of 2.6 million dollars.

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Luck Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Mr. Walter, listen, this guy's got nine more gears!


You think you're the first front in history?

Ace [to Gus]