Jack's Ex-Girlfriend - MacGyver
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Four continents down. Team MacGyver covered North America and Europe last week, and this week they completed missions in Asia and South America, stopping briefly at the Phoenix Foundation headquarters in Los Angeles in between.
In North Korea, Jack&Mac™ deliver a cyber terrorist to the good guys. But there is no rest for this duo, as they have been called to rescue an American spy posing as a journalist who has been taken captive in Venezuela by Alfredo Barrios, a dangerous (is there any other kind?) international arms dealer. 
The twist? The spy is Jack’s ex. The one he thought would always be there. The one that got away. 
They rescue Sarah without incident, but they decide to extend the mission and stay in Caracas to bring down Barrios once and for all. Except they didn’t get permission, so they have to think fast, which, lucky for this team, is the only way Angus MacGyver knows how to think. 
A few exploded boxes of ammo and a motorcycle chase later, they are back in Los Angeles congratulating themselves. 
On Mac’s last visit to Nikki’s apartment, he finds her stash of passports behind a false wall outlet. Let the hunt begin.
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MacGyver Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Really? You start your countdowns from 10?


If that means scary dudes doing scary things in a scary building then, yeah, a Blacksite.