Stopping a Train - MacGyver
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Mac & Jack (™)  are hot on the trail of Mac’s elusive ex, Nikki, in Lisbon. After 57 hours, they think they’ve got her, but it turns out she’s one step ahead of them. 
With that mission a bust, the boys meet Riley on a train in Berlin. Their assignment: protect a woman named Katarina who was set to testify against her powerful boss, Eric Wexler, who has been selling weapons to America’s enemies. She thinks she’s meeting with an agent in Frankfurt, but it turns out that he’s dead and she’s walking into a trap.
Thornton has already flown to the Frankfort train station in order to cut off the bad guys waiting for the train. After a brief gun battle, she alerts Mac on the train that the plan has changed, because Wexler’s people now know there is someone on the train with Katarina. 
Riley tracks eight extra people that have boarded the train from the roof, and they are all looking for Katarina. The ladies work together to take out one baddie, while Mac & Jack take out a few more. Before the rest of the German baddies retreat off the roof, they disable the conductor’s console, dismantle the breaks and speed up the train. 
Mac does some sciency-stuff in order to separate the final three cars from the rest of the train, but he and Jack are left on the speeding train, all alone. Mac then goes underneath the train so that he can essentially throw the train in reverse and slow it down just as it pulls into the station at Frankfort.
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MacGyver Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Welcome to Frankfurt!


You can't hack a hole