Disabling a Warhead - MacGyver
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Mac & Jack (™) , Thornton and Riley barely escape a mission in Turkey when they are thrown into the middle of possible coup in Russia. 
Through a video conference, Mac helps an operative unlock a door using a bullet casing. Inside the door, there is a nuclear warhead. That’s when the Russians burst into the room, killing the agent.
Now it’s up to the Phoenix Foundation’s best agents to stop the rogue Russian Colonel from setting off the bomb. First they have to find the Russian scientist who created the bomb. He defected to America, so they head to his nursing home and pick up his former partner too, because he has the password to disable the bomb. 
In Russia, they find the old computer they need to communicate with the bomb in a safe house. But it’s not so safe, and the bad guys capture the scientist because he wants to build more bombs.
Thornton discovers the bomb and the bad guys are in a warehouse somewhere in Serbia. The team storms the warehouse, and after a shootout, Mac does his thing on a malfunctioning keyboard in order to trick the computer into not exploding. 
Also, Jack showed off his singing and dancing skills and Mac promised not to pursue Nikki. 
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MacGyver Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

We're all here because we love you.


This is beginning to feel like a Cold War scavenger hunt.