Drugs, tension and secrets are all major focal points of this episode of Mad Men. First, the drugs:

Kinsey, Peggy and Smitty were forced to work all weekend on a new ad campaign for Bacardi. The boredom got to them, so Kinsey called an old friend from Princeton to deliver some marijuna. As the group smoked, we learned that Kinsey is quite insecure about his poor background and goes out of his way to prove how smart he is to everyone.

We also learned that Peggy is hilarious when high. It was her first time trying pot and it seemed to inspire her by the end. She told her secretary not to worry because Peggy would be just fine, she'd accomplish everything the secretary dreamed about for her. First, she needed a glass of water and then she'd come up with some dynamite content.

Meanwhile, Joan hosted a dinner party for her husband, his work colleagues and their wives. Soon, though, it was revealed that Greg had recently messed up a surgery. He never told Joan about that. To change the topic, Greg has Joan perform with her accordian for the group, while she shot death stares at her man for putting her through it. Seriously, Joan. Leave the loser!

Back at the Draper residence, Sally needed some attention, as neither of her parents gave her much. As a result, she stole five dollars from her grandfather, who went around the house in a huff about it. Finally feeling guilty, Sally eventually claimed she found the money and returned it. Her grandfather was clearly on to her, but never let her know. He simply asked her to read to him again at night, showing more of a parental love for Sally than her mom does, certainly.

And where were Don and Betty this whole time? At a party thrown by Roger and Jane. During the evening, Betty sort of flirted with one of the guests there, who dared to put his hand on her pregnant belly.

Also, by the end of the shindig, Roger confronted Don over the cold shoulder he's been receiving lately. Don said everyone thought Roger was "foolish" for marrying Jane. But Roger being Roger - the guy sang in blackface to his wife in front of the entire party earlier - didn't care. The episode closed with him dancing slowly with Jane and Don, seemingly inspired by their affection, finding Betty for a major make out session.

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I am so high.

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I'm Peggy Olson and I wanna smoke some marijuana.

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