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Peggy slept with Duck! Peggy slept with Duck!

Sorry, we had to get the most shocking, disturbing aspect of this episode over as soon as possible. After receiving a nice gift from Duck, in his attempt to woo her away from Sterling Cooper, Peggy visited his hotel room to return it. Instead, she ended up in bed with Duck, after he blatantly told her he wanted to give her the best "go-around" she's ever had. Ewwww.

Back at Sterling Cooper, the office was in awe as Conrad Hilton showed up on Don's office. He told Don he wants the firm to handle his three New York hotels for now, a major coup to be sure. Roger, Cooper and Pryce called Don into their office soon afterwards and said Hilton's lawyers wanted to ensure that he'd remain on their case. The ad company itself also wanted to lock Don down, so they asked him to sign a (very generous) three-year contract.

Don merely said he'd think about it, a response that shocked and annoyed the men in charge.

But the contract itself annoyed down. Locked down for three years? Stuck in this life he never really wanted in the first place? Nothing could be more unappealing to Don Draper.

Back at home, Betty got involved in local politics. The Junior League of Tarrytown didn't want to see a giant water tank constructed because he would ruin a scenic local area. Betty, therefore, called Henry Francis, the man in the Governor's office she met during Roger's party during "My Old Kentucky Home."

Henry is happy to meet Betty for coffee to discuss the projecet, but as soon as he does, he makes it clear that there's not much he can do. He also makes it clear that he might have a crush on Betty. Are the feelings mutual? It seems that way. It doesn't help matters that Betty is displeased with home life once more.

Roger called and asked Betty to help him force Don to sign his contract. Betty was taken aback by the fact that she knew nothing about it, and then taken aback by the fact Don wouldn't sign it. She confronted Don with this question and came right out with the question: "Do you not know where you'll be in three years?!?"

Resentful, Don left, got into his car - and picked up a pair of hitchhikers.  They gave Don some drugs, took him to a hotel room and mugged him. When Don returned to the office the next day, Cooper showed him a shrewd side: he basically blackmailed Don into signing his contract by hinting at the information he knows about (i.e. Dick Whitman). As Cooper said: Who is really signing this contract anyway?

Don went ahead and did so, telling Cooper he wanted no more contact with Roger. He then came home and told Betty about it. The episode ended with Don, defeated, walking slowly up the stairs at home.

* Other key notes from the episode:

- Don flirts again with Ms. Farrell, Sally's teacher. While helping the kids prepare for an eclipse, she's very forward with Don, accusing him of being just like every other "philandering" father.

- Don sees a vision of his father, immediaely prior to being mugged. When he signs his contract to conclude the episode, he's essentially bidding farewell to Dick Whitman forever.

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Mad Men Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Stop barging in here and infecting me with your anxiety.

Peggy [to Pete]

Roger: I watched the sunrise today. Couldn't sleep.
Don: How was it?
Roger: Average.