The character of Mad Men were forced to confront change and history during this week's episode: JFK was killed.

As you might expect, everyone handled it differently. A rundown of reactions:

- Roger tried to put on a brave face during his daughter's wedding (while she cried and said the assassination would ruin her day, of course), but we saw the softer side to Roger later on. After putting his wasted wife to bed, he called Joan. In  a sweet, brief chat, she recognized how troubled Roger was by the events.

- Pete and Trudy stayed at home watching the news. They didn't even attend Roger's daughter's wedding. Pete also didn't go in to work on Monday, partly because he was passed over for Head of Accounts, as Pryce kicked the episode off by telling him the job was going to Cosgrove. It was hard to tell if Pete felt genuine remorse and shock for the assassination, or if he was just reacting how he felt people should react. That does sum up his personality.

- Peggy found out about the news after sleeping with Duck again. As usual, she represented the most human reaction of anyone: shock, confusion, sadness. At the end of the hour, was came to the office to get away from the mourning party going on in her apartment.

- While Don tried to shield his kids from the event, and pretty much brush it away himself, Betty couldn't help but get swept up in the emotion. She cried hysterically at the news. She then visited Henry (after awkwardly seeing him at Margaret's wedding) and the pair held nothing back. They kissed, and Henry said he wanted to marry (!!!) Betty. When she got home, she blatantly told Don she didn't love him.

Don, of course, tried to ignore these words and carry on with his pretend, happy life, as he so often does. But we doubt he's gonna be successful at that.

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