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We saw the major differences between Betty and Don this week. Or was that actually Dick Whitman making another appearance at the end of the episode?

Betty turned down the chance to truly have an affair with Henry Francis, as he stopped by her home early in the episode, a visit witnessed by Carla. As a result, he had to make up an excuse about a fundraiser for Rockefeller at the Draper residence, which Betty actually followed up on in order to make the visit seem innocent.

Later, when Betty brough Henry the money she had raised - and yelled at him for not attending the event himself - the pair made out, Henry locked his office door... and Betty said no. She said an affair would be "tawdry" and left.

Don didn't exactly have the same experience. After answering a late-night call from Hilton early on, during which the drunk hotel owner referred to Don as a "son" and said he wanted to take his hotel business "to the moon," Don disappointed Connie.

His campaign presentation seemed like a winner to everyone in the room, except for Hilton. He told Don he was let down because he had explicitly said he wanted the moon somehow involved in the campaign. He left the office in a huff, a fact that Sterling angrily held over Don's head. In response to this event - to being considered a disappointment at the office and by this quasi father figure - Don retreated again. He knocked on the door of Sally's old teacher and pretty much talked her into sex.

She clearly wanted to, but she warned him first: I live two miles from home, I see your wife in the market; you haven't done this with someone like me before. No matter to Don. He needed to escape his life.

There was one other major event from the episode: Don fired Sal! After the head of Lucky Strike came on to Sal and was turned down, he demanded Sal be fired as director of the commercial. Henry refused, the guy stayed really mad and the matter ended up in Don's hands. He got the truth out of Sal and, because Lucky Strike is such a big account, he fired him.

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Mad Men Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

Give me more ideas to reject.

Don Draper

Now that I can finally understand you, I am less impressed with what you have to say.

Don Draper