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In this second episode of the fourth season of Mad Men, Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce celebrates Christmas, Sally Draper has a new suitor in Glenn, and Freddy Rumsen returns with dry pants.

Glenn returns to the scene and starts up a bit of a relationship with Sally.  He puts a few moves on her at the Christmas Tree Farm, then calls her up to chat on the phone, and finally trashes the new Draper-Francis household.  And yes he continues to be creepy while doing all of this.

Freddy Rumsen is back. He's clean and sober, but not very good at the job.  Peggy calls him out on his "old fashioned" ways, and surprisingly he doesn't hit the bottle.

The agency's small Christmas party gets a bump up when Lee Garner Jr. of Lucky Strike decides he wants to join.  Roger then takes one for the team and dresses up as Santa, per the wishes of Mr. Garner Jr.

Peggy struggles with her new relationship until she finally decides to go all the way with Mark as to not be "old fashioned" like Freddy.

Don has trouble dealing with this holiday season with no wife and no kids.  He first tries to make a drunken move on his neighbor, Phoebe, and then succeeds in a drunken move on his secretary.  The latter created quite an awkward moment the next morning at the office, as Don gives her a Xmas bonus right after their night of sex. Think about how that makes Alison feel, especially as he never even acknowledges their night together.

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Mad Men Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

Most of all I'd like you to be here on Christmas morning to give it to me, but I know you can't be.


After they're married for a while, they'll have a baby. You should
probably ask for something big now.