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Sylvia tells Don she doesn't want him coming by her door anymore.  Cutler gets many people at the agency to take an energy shot in order to increase productivity.  Don gets working on an idea, but instead of being for Chevy it is for winning back Sylvia.  When it wears off, Don doesn't say a word to her.


Stan and Peggy kiss, but she stops it from going further because she has a boyfriend.  She then sees him screwing the recently passed Gleason's daughter.


Megan leaves Sally, Bobby, and Gene home alone, and an old woman comes in to rob the place.  She tells the kids that she used to take care of their father, which made Sally realize she doesn't know anything about Don.

Mad Men
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Mad Men Season 6 Episode 8 Quotes

I hate how dying makes saints out of people.


Girl: I think it's broken.
Don: You can hear that?