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Roger does what he has to to gain a new client. 

Megan is up for an advertising award.

Ginsberg's father sets him up on a date without telling him.

Paul Newman attends the awards dinner to support Gene McCarthy for President.

Martin Luther King is shot dead and they learn about it during the awards ceremony.

Everyone reacts differently to the death of MLK.

Megan wins the advertising award.

Peggy is buying an apartment on the upper east side and her real estate agent uses the death of MLK to assist in the sale.

Betty forces Don to pick up the kids and drive them through the MLK ruckus into the city.

Don and Bobby see Planet of the Apes and stay for a second showing.

Peggy doesn't get the apartment.

Henry is asked to run for an unopposed Republican state senate seat.

Bobby worries someone will try to kill Henry.

Megan talks to Don about his drinking. 

Mad Men
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Mad Men Season 6 Episode 5 Quotes

Peggy: Don't do anything stupid.
Abe: Hey, it's too late. I'm going to Harlem in a tuxedo.

He's the head of accounts. He's like Roger, with bad breath.