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Don is racing cars in the desert of Salt Lake. He barely made it to 130. He's testing cars. 

Meredith is now working for Roger. One of his stable of secretaries, I suppose. Roger has sad news for Meredith, though. He's letting her go. 

Peggy and Stan are in a meeting. Things aren't going great. 

Don's having sex with a hooker. She's defiant and wonders if he never paid for it before.

Joan's in Key West with Richard. He got cocaine. After snorting some, he tries to talk her into living differently in his future with him. 

Pete's leaving and got cookies and a cactus as going away gifts. It's Halloween, as foretold by the plastic gear in her window. Pete assures her she'll be a creative director by 1980, and it seems like a long time from now.

Sally's talking to her dad, having a hard time not telling him about her mom. When Don hears Betty's dying, he immediately wants to go home. Don wants the boys to live with him, but Sally wants them to live with Henry. Betty wants them to live with her brother. Sally has to go and hangs up. That's the way life is. Don calls Betty, who is not doing very well.

Betty wants the kid to have a woman in their lives. Betty cracks when she says, Don, honey, I appreciate your intentions and he calls her Birdie. It's the most honest and emotional conversation they've had since the cabin.

Joan meets Ken at a restaurant. It seems like he wants Joan to help him.

Don is drunk and his car friends said he promised to stake them. 

Joan calls Peggy to help with Ken's script.

Don calls on Stephanie. Nice Caity Lotz call in. He gives her Ann's wedding ring.

Roger and Marie are having sex. 

Sally goes home and Bobby wonders if it's going to happen now. Sally decides to show him how to make dinner now.

Don and Stephanie arrive at...wherever they are. Divorce, a creative experience, apparently, and they are thrust into a room with other people.

Roger reveals to Joan who he's dating when he shares his plans with her for his estate. 

At lunch with Peggy, Joan suggests to Peggy starting their own firm. Harris Olson. 

Stuff happens at the retreat. Stephanie cries.

Peggy asks Stan's opinion about Harris Olson. He tells her he wishes she would think about things other than work. 

To Richard, Joan is choosing her career over her relationship. He ends it.

Stephanie takes off without Don. They can get a car and driver within a couple days or he can hitch, but it's not likely to help thanks to Charlie Manson. He makes a person to person call to Peggy.

Don and Peggy talk on the phone. He only called because he realizes he never said goodbye to her. She doesn't think he should be alone right now. He says he's in a crowd. See ya soon.

Peggy calls Stan when she hangs up with Don. She's really worried. Then comes the best breakthrough for Peggy.

Don cannot move, but is moved anyway, by former Supergirl Helen Slater.

Joan forms her company, Peggy and Roger are happy and Betty continues dying while still smoking. Don finds artificial happiness, enough to propel him to write one of the most famous commercials of all time.

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Mad Men Season 7 Episode 14 Quotes

Betty: Please don't let your pride interfere with my wishes.
Don: I'm their father.

Ooh. That's fast. I feel like someone just gave me some very good news.