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Don is auditioning a model, wearing a chinchilla coat. It feels like there are only two of them in the room, but there are a room full.

Flash to Don, talking to three girls, telling a story about Abigail, his mother. Roger steps up, totally grey with a bushy mustache. 

The waitress will be someone. She's played by the woman who lost her face on Grey's Anatomy. After being rude, Roger decides to leave a $100 bill on an $11 tab. The waitress was reading Jon Dos Pasos. 

Don has is receiving a lot of calls from women. Laura, Maxine and Trish. Joanne takes his messages.

Someone at work wants to set up Peggy on a date. She's a little put off by it and thinks if it goes poorly it will make things awkward at work.

Joan is on the casting couch waiting for Don. She wants help with Topaz pantyhose and his suggestion is to make them a department store brand. Marshall Fields is a McCann client. It's a two way street.

Kenneth gets his father in law a set of golf clubs for his retirement. Ed has had a Pop Tart. It was very good.

Don has a dream that Rachel Katz comes on the Chinchilla casting call.

Kenneth's wife is worries that he's unhappy at his work and might want to do something else. She wants him to quit and find his dream. He wants to wait and see if he gets the raise. 

When Peggy and Joan meet with the McCann Erickson guys, they try the double entendre route, but Peggy talks right over them while Joan seethes. They then ask Joan why she isn't in brassieres. 

Ken is fired. I didn't see that coming. Apparently I was wrong about the golf clubs and they weren't for his father in law, but for Dow and he's retiring. 

Don learns not only did Rachel Katz step down from her position at Menkens Department Store, but she passed away last week. Don is shocked.

Peggy decides to take Mathis up on his offer for the dinner, but they've already made other plans. She learns the guy's name was Stevie and that he was 30. Uch, she says, then says tell him to call me.

Don goes back to the coffee shop where he was with Roger. He's so certain he knows her. She says she's taking her break and goes out back for a cigarette, saying he doesn't have to lie. He says his name is Don and she starts kissing him. I guess they have sex and she goes back in. He comes in after, combing his hair.

She's worth $100. Her name is Diana.

Ken is taking his firing as a sign of the life not lived and just needs the courage to drag himself through the doors. Ken and Pete go through his accounts while Pete whines about being a some-day millionaire and Ken sucks down whisky.

Joan goes shopping and gets mistaken for a former shop girl who could probably still get her discount.

Peggy's date Stevie doesn't want to send his veal back because he'll look like a jerk. Their date is actually amazing.

Don goes to Rachel's and her sister isn't very happy to see him. He realizes he hasn't spoken to her in years, not even aware she had children. She died of leukemia. She had everything, according to her sister, living the life she wanted to live.

Peggy and Stevie talk about going to passport and even buy tickets. Peggy really likes him and decides not to sleep with him on their first night together. She's already tried new fashioned. He doesn't have a job and is looking for jobs in DC and other cities. 

Don is in bed, listening to a speech Nixon gave about withdrawing troops from Viet Nam despite increased activity in Laos.

Ken gets a job with DOW as head of advertising. He won't fire the firm, but he'll be their client instead and he has news for them. He's very hard to please.

Peggy has a hell of a hangover. She's no longer really feeling the magic with Stevie. 

Karen has set up a meeting with Mr. Rosenthal for Menken's, which sends Don back to back to the coffee shop and to Diana. She's not interested in him coming back without a date and understands he might be confusing her with someone he lost.


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Mad Men Season 7 Episode 8 Quotes

Don: Rachel.
Rachel: Yes?
Don: You're not just smooth. You're Wilkinson smooth.

Hanes calls them Leggs.