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Peggy is underestimated while Sterling Cooper & Partners prepares to meet  a guest.

Pete runs into someone he knows in California and learns his father in law had a heart attack.

Don gets to the office and it's empty. Everyone is upstairs welcoming their new computer.

The computer, the IBM 360, is frightening everyone.

Lou gives Peggy a raise of $100 per week and is put in front of Burger Chef, with Don on her team.

Peggy demands an inordinate amount of work from the people on her team.

Roger discovers from Mona that Margaret has joined a cult. They head off to see her.

Don goes to Cooper to tell him the computer company is ripe for marketing and he tells Don that he thought the company would go into a creative wasteland, but he's wrong. Don then steals a bottle of Gin from Roger's office.

Don gets wasted and Freddy comes to the office to collect him. Before he leaves the office, he confronts the computer guy.

Peggy complains to Joan.

Roger stays with "Marigold" and gets high and sleeps under the stars.

Don wakes up on his couch, hungover. Freddie Rumsen is there to kick him in the pants.

By morning, Roger no longer likes what Margaret has become and tries to take her home.

Don goes into the office, promising Peggy he'll have her tags to her by noon.

Mad Men
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