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Police arrive to investigate a break-in at a diplomat's home. They hear a strange sound and discover a room locked from the outside. Inside they find a maid living in a boiler room. The Hassanis, diplomats from Bahrain, arrive home and demand immunity.

Henry's father is coming to visit and he is not very excited to see him.

Elizabeth says the Hassanis' are not ranked high enough to be granted immunity and rejects Bahrain's claim. She wants to prosecute them. 

Crown Prince Yousf arrives in the United States to negotiate. Elizabeth's team is concerned but she is not. When he arrives, Elizabeth gives him a big hug. They went to boarding school together and are good friends. However, he still wants her to release the Hassani's. She tells him to stand up to his father and he says he will try.

Stevie is helping her Grandfather. He asks about the tension between her and her Mom. She says she stood her ground, which makes him proud. She asks if he thinks she could work for the DC chapter of his union.

Bahrain has promoted the Hassani's to First Secretary, which grants them automatic immunity.

Youself arrives at the McCord house for dinner. It erupts into fighting over the Bahrain situation until Henry stops it. Elizabeth tries one last time to influence Yousf to at least try the Hassani's in Bahrain.

Stevie stops by the union chapter and mentions her grandfather. They find no record of him. Stevie and asks him why he lied to her. He doesn't answer and storms out.

Yousf is on TV announcing that the Hassani's will face trial in Bahrain. Gunfire erupts and he is shot and killed.

Elizabeth plans to attend his funeral, but Bahrain denied her request to participate, which means she must remain cloistered behind a curtain with the other women. Bahrain is already slowing down supplies from arriving at the US Military base there.

Henry confronts his father about his lie. Pat says he didn't want to admit that he was let go, especially to his successful and well-to-do son. 

Elizabeth is torn about whether to go to Yousf's funeral. Henry tells her to stop thinking about what she "should" do but what her heart feels. She goes to Bahrain, not as Secretary of State, but as Yousf's friend from school. She meets privately with King Naheem and they mourn the loss of Yousf together.

Stevie tells Elizabeth that she was proud of her and apologizes for defining her by her worst moments. She asks to move back home and Elizabeth says yes.





Madam Secretary
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Madam Secretary Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

Jay: He's used to getting his way.
Elizabeth: Well, that may be, but I happen to know he is extremely ticklish.
Matt: Wait. Did the Secretary just admit to intimate anatomical knowledge of the Prince of Bahrain?
Blake: The CIA briefs must be very detailed.

Yousf: We're not 17 anymore!
Elizabeth: Exactly! Now we're in a position to exact change.