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Isabelle, Henry and Elizabeth continue their investigation into Vincent Marsh's secret bank account. They discover that Nadine has access to the account under a fake name. Elizabeth says she is going to Venezuela and Henry insists that he go with her.

Matt wants Daisy to sign a DS 7060 form stating that they are in a mutual relationship to avoid any charges of sexual harassment in the future. Daisy isn't ready to make that big of a commitment  yet.

South American President Suarez does not want Elizabeth to visit, but they use his love of celebrity by inviting a famous retired Venezuelan baseball player, Manny Azucco, to get him to agree to see them. 

Elizabeth preps Matt for his meeting with Jackson. She tells him to mention that she meet with Israeli Ambassador Dori and that he overheard her say "Dubai".

Jackson questions Elizabeth's decision to go to Venezuela. Mentions that Marsh was going there when he died and that he was friendly with President Suarez. 

Jackson and Matt meet. Matt feeds him the information Elizabeth approved. Jackson seems puzzled and tells Matt to keep his ears open in Venezuela.

Henry and Elizabeth meet President Suarez and his wife, Sylvia. Later Sylvia is seen flirting with Manny, so Daisy runs interference. 

Nadine gets access to Marsh's secret bank account and discovers that he had 40 million dollars in it prior to his death. It was withdrawn the day after his plane crash by Marie Porter.

Manny apologizes to Blake for his actions last night and asks that he keep his sexual orientation a secret. Blake calls him a hypocrite. 

Elizabeth introduces Manny and he comes out during his speech. President Suarez is upset.  He demands that Manny retract his statement and Elizabeth give her full support to his Presidency or they will expose the tape of Nadine accessing Marsh's bank account. 

Jackson meets privately with Ambassador Dori and asks about his meeting with Elizabeth. Dori eventually confirms that Elizabeth asked him about Mossad's involvement in the plane crash that was similar to Marsh's. 

Elizabeth and her team meet with President Suarez. She admits that her reason for coming was to indict him on lax security at financial institutions. Instead of enforcing rules, they were using what they saw as blackmail. He agrees to back down but still wants Manny to retract. Manny has agreed to play baseball on the Venezuelan team in the upcoming World Series.

Jackson is waiting for Elizabeth in her office. He wants to know about her secret investigation into Marsh's death. 

Elizabeth admits that she doesn't believe Vincent Marsh's plane crash was an accident. Jackson asks her if she thinks he was behind it. Based on his response to the information Matt fed him, she knows he isn't involved. He could have laid a false trail but instead confronted her. He wants to know everything she discovered.

Isabelle identifies Marie Porter as an Iranian national. Jackson says they need to get confirmation of Iran's involvement before they tell the President.





Madam Secretary
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Madam Secretary Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Russell: Maybe you can finish what he started.
Elizabeth: What's that?
Russell: Land.

I swear I'm glad he's dead.