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A Chinese student, Fu Xinpei, refuses to board a plane in Dulles and return to China. She pleads for political asylum.

Elizabeth and her team are celebrating averting World War 3 between China and Japan over an island with natural gas resources. 

Elizabeth attends her former CIA colleague, George's, memorial. One of her friends doesn't believe it was a car accident either. She thinks George committed suicide. 

The Chinese and Japanese Foreign Ministers are getting ready to sign the peace treaty when news of Fu Xinpei's defection becomes public. China refuses to sign the peace treaty unless the United States returns Xinpei.

Japan wants the U.S. to publicly support them since they are true allies. Elizabeth finally convinces the Foreign Minister to give her 48 hours.

Xinpei talks to the press. She is afraid she will be arrested if she returns home. She says her Mom had to give up a daughter due to the one-child policy. Back home, her Mom is taken into custody for questioning by the Chinese secret police.

A Michigan Mom and her daughter drove to Washington to meet with Elizabeth. She believes her adopted daughter, Emily, is Xinpei's biological sister.

Elizabeth meets with Xinpei. They play HORSE and Xinpei says she fears for her safety. Elizabeth tells her she doesn't meet the qualifications for political asylum. She asks Xinpei to give her a DNA swab, which is she willingly does. Elizabeth remarks that she gave up her DNA quickly for someone so suspicious of the government.

Nadine confesses to Elizabeth that she had an affair with former Secretary State Marsh. No one knew.

Xinpei's mother died of a heart attack while in custody. She apparently had a heart condition. China remains firm that Xinpei must be returned and says kids no longer pay for their parents sins.

Xinpei admits that her Mom was the activist, not her. Because her Mom died while in police custody, Xinpei now qualifies for political asylum if she wants to remain here.

Elizabeth meets with Chinese Foreign Minister and tells him that she denied Xinpei's request. She will return her to China after they sign the treaty.

Both parties sign and shake hands. Xinpei chose to go back to China because she wanted to honor her mother's memory. 

At the unveiling of Marsh's memorial, Chief of Staff Russell tells Elizabeth that Marsh was planning to run for President against current President Dalton.

Madam Secretary
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