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The office debates where Elizabeth should go for her first official overseas trip as Secretary of State. Elizabeth picks Turkey. She looks over possible gifts for the Turkey Prime Minister and chooses a basketball signed by Michael Jordan. Henry tells Elizabeth that he can no longer go on the trip as his book release has been moved up.

Elizabeth gets summoned to Camp David by the President. He wants her to change her trip to India. 

Stevie sees her dad having an intimate lunch with an attractive young lady and texts him asking who the "babe" is. He sees her and runs out. Stevie walks away, suspicious. Her dad chases her down and says he is having lunch with a grad student who is helping him with his book. 

Elizabeth gives a speech at a US plant opening in India. Allison exchanges interested glances with a cute boy at the ceremony. Matt and Daisy have drinks together. Daisy says it's over. They see Stevie at the bar, drunk. Matt leaves and Daisy goes over to help Stevie.

Stevie tells Daisy that her father is having an affair. She find out her Dad hasn't been working on his book.

The cute boy, Sanja, asks Allison to go for a walk and they go outside. The room begins to shake, due to an earthquake. Officials rush Elizabeth and Jason from the room. 

Elizabeth wants to go look for Allison but it's not safe yet. Officials find Allison, and she is okay. 

The kids arrive home. Stevie asks a loaded question, which Henry rebukes. He calls Elizabeth but she has to cut him off. The earthquake caused a crack at the plant and huge explosion. 4000 people are killed. The Indian government won't accept American aid without an apology from the plant owner, Ted Gram, first. 

Gram does not want to apologize. President Dalton says we can't force them and India and Gram need to figure it out themselves. Elizabeth questions Matt's commitment to his job. She also gets upset at Daisy's focus on the media and how Elizabeth looks. Daisy reminds Elizabeth that is her job, then tells her that Henry may be having an affair. Elizabeth gets upset. She calls Henry and gets his VM.

Once home, she bluntly asks Henry if he is having an affair. He hedges. She questions him because he is not acting like he normally does when writing a book. Then she realizes he's acting like he did when he worked for the NSA, which he confirms. She is relieved and happy. 

Matt has a solution to the stand-off between India and the factory. Elizabeth takes the blame. She does and India allows the hotshots to do their job and they get the fire under control.

Matt goes to see Daisy and tells her how he really feels. She tells him that Win proposed and she accepted.

Elizabeth tells Stevie that her father isn't having an affair. Stevie doesn't believe but says she does ... maybe. 





Madam Secretary
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Madam Secretary Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Daisy: So, do you want to talk about it?
Stevie: The sandwich?
Daisy: Why you're getting drunk in a bar alone.
Stevie: He's a cheater.
Daisy: That sucks. But you're young. You can find someone else.
Stevie: My dad. He's a cheating cheater who cheats.

Daisy: So I should tell the Secretary, right?
Matt: And be the woman who told her boss about the other woman? That makes you the other, other woman. The worst woman of all.