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Henry and Elizabeth debate whether to sell their farm. Nadine and Blake arrive unexpectedly. They finalized the agreement to resolve the Greek debt problem and the President wants to see Elizabeth.

Former Treasury Secretary, Max Quinn is meeting with President Dalton and Chief of Staff Jackson. He is displeased by the agreement and accuses Dalton of being anti-business. Jackson and Elizabeth encourage Dalton to go to Brussels and sign the agreement personally.

Arthur flirts with Stevie at work, which makes her uncomfortable. She gets a text from a good friend who pops in and out of her life. He invites her to lunch. Arthur tells her to go. It's the President's son. He just got out of rehab which is news to her.

Max repossess valuable Spartan artifacts that Greece had loaned to the Smithsonian Institute as collateral against their debt. He wants the President to look bad. 

Henry receives a surprise job offer to teach military ethics at The National War College. 

The Greeks reject the debt deal in response to their antiquities being held hostage.

President Dalton and Elizabeth arrive in Brussels to a chilly reception. Europe no longer is interested in their help. 

Elizabeth asks her team to dig up dirt to use on Quinn as leverage. Any legal response will take too long and Greece will default.

Arthur and Stevie have dinner. She sees a news story that an ambulance was called to the White House.

President Dalton and Elizabeth have dinner with the Prime Minister of Greece. He tells Dalton that his credibility is lacking after the Iran coup and suggests he resign. 

Elizabeth asks if party members have asked him to not run for re-election. She asks him why he won't fight.

Blake is drinking with other staffers. He has to use the bathroom but doesn't have the coins to operate the bathroom. He urinates outside and gets arrested. 

Nobody likes Quinn but there is no obvious dirt on him. 

Stevie calls Elizabeth to ask if President Dalton has mentioned Harrison.

Elizabeth goes to see Dalton. He is getting ready to head back to the States. She asks about Harrison and he admits that his wife found him unconscious after taking heroin. She tells him to let the people caring for him do their job while he does his job. 

Jackson visits Henry and tells him the job offer wasn't really an offer but an expectation. It will also involve him doing intelligence work.

Elizabeth gets Quinn to agree to her idea that the Greek artifacts go on tour with him receiving the proceeds. 

Blake had been on a fact-finding mission and knows about a secret meeting the other leaders are having right now without the Americans. President Dalton and Elizabeth interrupt the meeting, and he convinces the other world leaders to work with him and Greece to find a deal. 

Henry is going to take the job, which Elizabeth supports. They decide to sell the farm.



Madam Secretary
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Madam Secretary Season 1 Episode 19 Quotes

Henry: Tell me, Jackson. Does this midnight menacing ususally work?
Russell: On most people.

Blake: My coins were too big.
Nadine: Is that some sort of euphemism?