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CIA Director's Munsey will have no access to weapons or communications devices. He will have the appearance of freedom but be constantly monitored.

President Dalton, Chief of Staff Jackson and Elizabeth decide the next course of action is to figure out who the replacement leader would be.

Elizabeth meets with her entire team and brings them up-to-speed on Marsh's murder and the Iranian coup. She has narrowed it down to seven possibilities for the replacement leader. They immediately eliminate another three.

Daisy is still not 100% convinced that Marsh was plotting with Munsey. Nadine confesses to having an affair with Marsh.

They pinpoint Jafer Allinejad as the suspected replacement leader.

Dalton orders Elizabeth and Russell to vet Allinejad. He appears to be an ideal leader for Iran and Russell plans to recommend Dalton back him. Elizabeth however noted some minor details that suggest his health is poor. They are able to confirm he has brain cancer, with only two months to live.

Elizabeth tells Munsey about Allinejad's brain cancer, but he doesn't believe her. He claims Juliet wasn't coerced but is a patriot.

Dalton orders Elizabeth to go to Iran on a secret mission. Henry is not pleased. She tells him to remarry if something happens to her, although she has a list of woman he cannot marry.

Munsey needs to use the bathroom at a coffee shop. His security detail checks the room first and plants a bug. Munsey has an encrypted communications device hidden and calls Juliette. Tells her Tamerline is a go. 

Elizabeth meets with Iranian Foreign Minister Javani and tells him about the coup. She gives him the coordinates where Juliette is. He passes the information to the President and trusted army leaders.

The coup begins. Javani's home is attacked and he is killed.

Jasons reads about the coup online. Nadine tells Henry that Elizabeth is missing.

Both the Iranian President and Elizabeth are alive. The coup has failed. Elizabeth wants the peace talks to continue between the two of them. He does too but cautions that it is too risky after the failed coup.

Jackson tells President Dalton that Elizabeth is alive. The President wants to address the nation and no cover-up.

Elizabeth arrives home and everyone rushes to hug her.

Munsey commits suicide.

Elizabeth receives an email from Juliet. She wants to come in. 

Madam Secretary
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Madam Secretary Season 1 Episode 16 Quotes

Maybe when I get back, you can model that apron au naturel ... I'm not I'm speaker phone, am I?


Russell: It's a little thing called power.
Elizabeth: Is it really that alluring? The history of mankind not withstanding?
Russell: I understand you left a horse farm to become Secretary of State.
Elizabeth: The President asked and I answered the call ... yeah, the power is pretty awesome too.