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In the Republic of West Africa, a young Mom gathers her two children as gunfire erupts outside. She makes a phone call and begs for help.

Blake gives Elizabeth an update on his super secret investigation into Nadine. Thus far, nothing suspicious, but he is highly uncomfortable and suspects Nadine is on to him.

Elizabeth goes home and a former professor of Henry's has dropped in unexpectedly. It was his niece who reached out from the Republic of West Africa. Father Vasseur explains the ethnic slaughter that is happening there and asks for Elizabeth's help.  

Her team gives her an assessment of what's happening in RWA, but tell her that her top priority is her upcoming speech to the World Affairs Committee. She corrects them and says that she determines the top priorities. 

Elizabeths meets with the RWA Ambassador who denies any ethnic slaughter is occurring. It's clear that Elizabeth does not believe him and reminds him the United States is watching. 

Back in the Republic of West Africa, villagers are walking when they see a family attacked and killed.

Blake is continuing his investigation into Nadine and discovers a 20 minute phone call with one of Marsh's biggest supporters. Elizabeth contemplates pulling Nadine's security clearance while they do a formal investigation into her actions.

Elizabeth meets with a former CIA colleague who confirms Father Vasseur's allegations. She brings her concerns to President Dalton and Chief of Staff Russell's attention, but they say it's not their fight.

At the World Affairs Committee, Elizabeth goes off script and asks them if they have the guts to take action on the situation in the Republic of West Africa. The White House and Elizabeth's team is not happy, but it worked. President Dalton agrees to lend support, although no ground troops or air support.

They are celebrating the coalition when they find out that Father Vasseur has been involved with drug smuggling. Elizabeth gets summoned to the White House and tells the President to keep moving forward with the plan. Save all those people and win the news cycle, rather than retreat. He agrees.

The African Union troops are in a standoff. Unless they get more troops, they will retreat within 12 hours. The CIA tries to negotiate with the war lords, but they kill the intermediary. Elizabeth is out of options.

Henry points out that she needs someone who can reach the war lords and make a deal with them. They know someone who can do that: Father Vasseur. Henry goes to see him and he calls the war lords and bribes them to let the troops pass.

The African Union troops make it through and stabilize the region. The Ambassador of RWA meets with Elizabeth. He is in trouble with his superiors back home and offers information about his leaders. Elizabeth passes.

Before Father Vasseur leaves, he comes to apologize and make amends with Henry. Elizabeth offers to help, but he declines. 

Madam Secretary
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Madam Secretary Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Elizabeth: I am a realist. But there are events that transcend national interests, and I believe this is one of them.
President Dalton: I know you do. But I don't.

The truth is you have the power to answer the desperate prayers of thousands.

Father Vasseur