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Isabelle is still upset at Elizabeth for accusing her of being the mole but is more sympathetic after learning about Juliet. In her note, Juliet says it was a righteous cause.

A reporter asks why Turkey is refusing to release Brett Boris' body. Daisy claims he is an American tourist who died violently and the delay is to due to an investigation. No one knows that he was on a State sanctioned mission. 

.Jason unfriends a classmate who says derogatory things about Elizabeth at school.

Elizabeth meets with Jackson and Munsey to discuss the botched raid. Elizabeth suggests they come clean to Turkey and Munsey disagrees. Jackson says to disavow any knowledge of an op.

The Turkey government released the video showing the attempted kidnapping of Samila Mahdavi by Brett and other American agents. Elizabeth's team is confused and panicking. POTUS calls Elizabeth to the White House.

President Dalton sends Elizabeth to Turkey to convince them to recant. He tells her no one can know the real reason behind the operation.

Daisy is uncomfortable giving misinformation and Nadine tells her that's her job.

Preston publicly accuses Elizabeth of being a liar at school. Jason punches him.

Isabelle tells Elizabeth that a laptop was found in Mahdavi's bag. Elizabeth asks the Turkish Foreign Minister for the laptop. He says lots of people are interested in that laptop, including the Iranian government. Elizabeth asks what he wants. 

Henry and Jason meet with Dean Ward. Jason faces expulsion unless he gives a heartfelt apology to Preston.

Daisy complains to Matt about having to lie to the Press. He tells her about Elizabeth asking him to feed false information to Russell Jackson. 

Elizabeth meets with Iranian Foreign Minister Javani.  He wonders why she needs the laptop since Mahdavi was their asset, which is news to Elizabeth.

Turkey agrees to release the body and recant in exchange for cheap natural gas, but they will not give Elizabeth the laptop. On her way to the airport, Javani and his security circle Elizabeth and her team. He gives her the hard drive.

Jason apologizes for hitting Preston but not for defending his Mom. This is unsatisfactory to Dean Ward, which sets off Elizabeth and Henry. Jason is expelled, which is what he wanted. He wants to go to a regular school with normal kids.

Elizabeth, Jackson, President Dalton and Munsey meet. Munsey was Mahdavi's handler. He is trying to overthrow the Iranian government and says the coup is already in motion. 



Madam Secretary
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Madam Secretary Season 1 Episode 15 Quotes

Juliet: What happens, know this: I did this for my country. This is a righteous cause.

Mike B; The way to win a knife fight is to bring a gun and waste the son of a bitch.