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Reporter, Gina Fischer, meets with The Viper, a former State Department employee hiding in Guinea, West Africa. He gives her  thousands of classified U.S. documents. Elizabeth learns of this treasonous act in the midst of a friendly photo-op with French Minister Dubois. Fischer shares how a member of Elizabeth's staff inappropriately referred to  Minister Dubois in an email. Now Elizabeth must begin Apology Tour 2014.

Elizabeth and Gina have a testy meeting where Gina lets slip that Viper has Top Secret clearance, whereas they had believed his security clearance to be much lower. Viper has the ability to blow the identities of covert operatives around the world. 

With lives on the line, Elizabeth recommends to President Dalton that they call back all their operatives. His Chief of Staff, Russell Jackson, disagrees but the President sides with Elizabeth. Unfortunately, their asset in Pakistan, Roy Schafer, is caught before making it to the US Embassy.

Meanwhile, back at home, Allison's boyfriend broke up with her via text message. Elizabeth and Henry are unsure how to comfort her since they only know of the break-up because they secretly read her texts. During breakfast, the Russian Foreign Minister calls the McCord home and wants to meet with Henry, not Elizabeth, to everyone's surprise.

Russian Minister Gorev's daughter is in Henry's Ethics class and needs an A to get into Harvard. Gorev bluntly suggests that Henry give his daughter the grade she needs or he'll make problems for Elizabeth in Eastern Europe. Henry refuses to compromise his ethics.

Elizabeth has two days to find a find a diplomatic solution or Roy Schafer will be hanged. Elizabeth finds a solution that involves Henry but requires him to loosen his moral integrity. He's upset by Elizabeth's request and initially refuses. Eventually, she is able to find a more palatable solution to everyone, and Roy Schafer is turned over to the US Embassy, bruised but alive.

Madam Secretary
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