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Elizabeth begins her interrogation of Juliet who claims Elizabeth is to blame.

Flashback to 2005. Elizabeth is on her way to meet with Conrad about her report on the use of torture. Juliet walks with her. Both agree that the current administration's policy on torture isn't working. 

Elizabeth's staff is worried about Senator Raymond Cruthers. He has been implying the President was involved in the Iranian coup. She tells them not to worry. Blake interrupts to tell her that Cruthers is on his way to her office.

Flashback to 2005. Conrad offers Elizabeth the Baghdad Station Chief position. 

Cruthers hands Elizabeth a subpoena. She is to testify at a Senate Committee Hearing on the administration's involvement to overthrow the Iranian government. 

Mike B cautions her that Cruthers is dangerous and tells her to hire a lawyer.

Daisy is working on replacing Vincent Marsh's portrait and wants Blake to handle it. Elizabeth agrees.

Stevie flirts with Arthur at the office. He asks her to stop.

Henry and Elizabeth talk to the kids about the Senate hearing. Allison and Jason vote that Elizabeth's job sucks. 

2005 flashback. She tells Henry about the job. He is surprised when she says she will be gone for a year. They argue over whether a higher purpose outranks marriage and family.

Blake is struggling to find a museum to take Vincent Marsh's portrait but doesn't want to go to Nadine for help.

Russell Jackson tells Elizabeth that she no longer has to testify at the Senate Committee hearing as they have evoked Executive Privilege on her behalf. She thinks it looks like she has something to hide. The President tells her to take it anyway. 

Stevie is going to be Harrison's plus 1 at a formal White House dinner.

Henry gets subpoenaed to testify at the Senate Committee. Cruthers got tipped that Elizabeth shared classified information with Henry, so they are going after Elizabeth for violating the Espionage Act.

Harrison tries to put the moves on Stevie. She's not interested. 

Blake finally tells Nadine his problem. She promises to help.

Henry is going to lie. Elizabeth doesn't want him to because she is worried about what it will do to him and their marriage.

2005 flashback - Elizabeth and Henry are still fighting over her promotion. He tells her that if she goes, he doesn't know what she will return to.

Jackson tells Elizabeth they have to consider the President's second term. They won't protect her.

Elizabeth interrupts the Senate Hearing before Henry can take the stand. She waives Executive Privilege and testifies. 

Senator Cruthers recommends that she be charged in violation of the Espionage Act. 

President Conrad tells Elizabeth that the DOJ has decided against pressing charges. They watch Juliet's interrogation. Elizabeth asks the interrogator to ask about George. Juliet confesses to killing him. 

2005 flashback - Elizabeth, Juliet, Conrad and Munzie are having dinner to celebrate Elizabeth's retirement and Juliet's promotion to Station Chief. George arrives and Conrad toasts the group. 

Madam Secretary
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Madam Secretary Season 1 Episode 22 Quotes

Juliet: You'd actually be sitting in this chair if you had lived through the war instead of retreating into academia. You turned on everyone you claimed to love. You put this in action. You're the traitor.
Elizabeth: What decision?
Juliet: You quit.

I'm here to save your life.