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Elizabeth has dinner with her former CIA friends, Isabelle and Juliet. Juliet declined to help with the Marsh investigation, so Elizabeth and Isabelle keep mum on the topic.

Elizabeth's team preps her for the meeting with the House Appropriations Committee. Chairman Burke doesn't like her because she has better approval ratings. Daisy suggests Elizabeth invite one of the microloan recipients to testify how the  program helped her. Elizabeth agrees.

Henry and Elizabeth want Stevie to go back to college, but she isn't interested. 

Chairman Burke questions Elizabeth about the microloan program and its management. He has pictures of the man in charge of the grants gambling with taxpayer money. 

Elizabeth is upset with her team and wants to know how everyone missed the embezzling. 

Stevie tells her father that she is not going back to college. He wants to know what matters to her. She cares about micro-loans, so he tells her to go help them.

Elizabeth meets with Chief of Staff Jackson and CIA Director Munzie for an update on the Marsh investigation. They want to grab the Israeli operative who took money from Marsh's secret account. Jackson authorizes the operation. 

Mike B, aka The Hatchet Man, is brought in to advise Elizabeth. He recommends firing her team. She isn't opposed to firing staff, but she has a bigger plan. She wants to go directly at Burke.

Stevie visits Microloans United. There is only person there. He tells her to pick out a desk. 

Elizabeth puts her staff on notice and demands perfection from here on out. She asks Jay to stay behind.

Jay is escorted from the building in front of Kyle, one of Burke's stooges. Elizabeth congratulates Kyle on sniffing out the corruption and offers him a job.

The operation to grab to Mahdawi was compromised, resulting in the death of Mahdawi and a CIA agent. Jackson questions Elizabeth on who else knew about this. Elizabeth confronts Isabelle who denies being the mole or talking to anyone else. Elizabeth wants to believe her but can't just take her word. The FBI arrive to interrogate Isabelle.  .

Stevie is offered an internship, but cannot accept because she needs to receive college credit to qualify. 

Jay is drinking heavily at the bar. Kyle approaches him. Jay bashes Elizabeth, the micro-loan program and the loan recipient they brought in to testify. 

The House Appropriations Committee reconvenes and calls Ms Chuang to testify, expecting her to poorly represent the program. But she doesn't. 

While the FBI searches her home, Isabelle takes a polygraph test. She passes but a bug is found in her bag. Elizabeth tells Jackson they need to apprise the President of the situation. 

Elizabeth apologizes for the charade with Jay and welcomes him back. Team is relieved that Mike B will be leaving, except he is going to stick around for a little bit longer. 

Stevie asks to borrow $20,000. She is applying to Georgetown next semester. She tells them about the internship. Henry and Elizabeth are happy to help. 

Elizabeth receives summons to the White House. POTUS is not happy they waited so long to tell them about the investigation. He was suspicious of Marsh's plane crash too and had it investigated. He was told it was an accident. One of the investigators was George, who is now dead. And the other was Elizabeth's friend, Juliet. They search her home but she has disappeared, only leaving behind a note for Elizabeth. 

Madam Secretary
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Madam Secretary Season 1 Episode 14 Quotes

Elizabeth: A little cold terror over job security never hurt anyone.
Russell: You should have that embroidered on a pillow.

I can't say I blame you. But I can't say I'll forgive you either.