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On Madam Secretary Season 2 Episode 6, President Dalton is sent a video from a member of Isis decapitating an American aid work who he accused of being a spy. Elizabeth immediately tells the President they need to pull all aid workers out of Syria to prevent any more deaths and President Dalton quickly agrees with her. As the aid workers are all being sent home, Elizabeth and her team are trying to track down who the member of Isis is because it's clear he's an American who joined Isis on his own. The team quickly finds out the person in the video is a young man named Adam who is the son of a government security employee named Judith.

Elizabeth called Judith in for questioning, but it's apparent she had no idea what her son was doing. It's only after the interview that they find out Judith sent Adam money, but she swears it wasn't for Isis. Elizabeth interrogates Judith again and finds out Adam has Huntingtons disease and his mother sent him the money for medication. Judith begs Elizabeth to bring Adam home safe, but Elizabeth isn't able to make that promise because Adam is already too far gone.

Thanks to some information from Elizabeth's brother, Elizabeth gets the idea to put a drone on the man who passes out the medication and they are able to find out where Adam is. President Dalton is faced with deciding to take Adam in or kill him since they had a clear shot and he decides to take Adam's life because he doesn't want to risk lives.

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