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On Madam Secretary Season 2 Episode 16, the White House finds out there may be a refugee who has information on where Jibral Disah may be located. The United States is only able to question him for 20 minutes before he will be forced back to Libya. 

Meanwhile Russell put together his team to take down Jibral Disah and his organization. Henry is introduced to each member and they are brought on for the questioning of the refugee. Henry is convinced he is telling the truth, but Jose, another team member, believes the man may be working for Jibral and he can't be trusted. 

Henry is able to convince them to continue the interrogation. The only way to get more information out of him is by sending their interrogator to Libya. Despite safety concerns they decide to send their top interrogator, Mimi, to Libya. Unfortunately things go from bad to worse when the refugee has a bomb strapped to him and it's detonated the moment he gets into the compound. 

Henry is still convinced the man wasn't on Jibral's side and he's able to find audio which supports his idea. He brings the information to Russell, and the team, and they figure out Jibral has a weak spot. It turns out Jibral has a secret third wife and he truly cares about her. Russell knows the only way to get to Jibral is to get to Jibral's wife. 

Don't feel bad if you missed out! You can watch Madam Secretary online now via TV Fanatic. 

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Madam Secretary Season 2 Episode 16 Quotes

Alison: Hey dad.
Henry: Hey.
Alison: You look terrible.
Henry: Thanks honey.

If you look too smart on the first day of school the other kids won't like you.