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Anton Gorev discusses the need to return to Russia before he can challenge Ostrov's widow. After the person he is speaking to hangs up on him, he tells his aide he will need to speak to Elizabeth.

The McCord's discuss the relative success of Henry's book over breakfast. Allison has joined the school paper, but Elizabeth is distracted from the discussion by a call about Gorev. During the video call, the two discuss the posibility of Gorev challenging Maria Ostrov. Gorev thinks he can get the economic powers of Russia behind him, but needs her help to free his funds so he can return to Russia. 

Jay briefs Daisy and Matt on the propaganda Russia is airing in the Ukraine. Jay wants to use the Russians own tactics against them by licensing an American show to compete with the Russians. 

The tech guy updates the President, Russell, Elizabeth, and the joint chiefs on the Air Force One hack. The hacker was hired, but they don't know who paid him. The have information that he'll be making another attack shortly, and have plans to possibly hack him back.

Elizabeth briefs the President on the Gorev situation, and the NSA guy naysays her. After outlining the benefits of Gorev, the President agrees to help get the British sanctions lifted. 

Henry meets with his student/asset, and Dmitri is resentful of the his treatment at the hand of the US government. Henry reassures him that spying is his best chance to help his country.

The Ukranian president unexpectedly shows up at the State Department. He wants Ukraine to become a full NATO member, ASAP. He's concerned that without membership, Russia will overthrow his government. Elizabeth and Jay try to explain why a NATO membership will not be easy to secure, but he is insistent. Elizabeth promises to pass his concerns onto Dalton. After he leaves, Elizabeth tells Jay that even without a NATO membership, she doesn't believe Dalton would let a Russian attack on Ukraine go unanswered. Blake announces that the British ambassador has arrived.

The British ambassador tells Elizabeth that they thought the US wouldn't approve lifting sanctions, and that the problem is that there are 130 other oligarchs who are also currently under sanctions. Elizabeth references an op-ed by a British lord as a possible work around to releasing Gorev's funds to him. Gorev will sell several properties for cash to the author, avoiding sanctions. 

Daisy, Jay, and Matt meet with Hollywood executives to pitch the anti-propaganda campaign. Jay breaks the news that they won't be able to pay any licensing fees. 

Dmitri attends the reception and he and his friend Ivan talk to a general about Maria Ostrov and her plans for Ukraine. He makes a phone call to Henry from a back room, trying to get out of his agreement to Spy. After he hangs up, two men enter and he hides. He overhears them talking about Maria Ostrov's orders to kidnap Gorev's daughter. 

Elizabeth explains the work around to the President. Sterling wants to force Gorev to cooperate with US Intelligence, and Elizabeth doesn't think that he will comply. Dalton agrees with Sterling's plan.

Henry watches Dmitri leave the embassy. 

Jay tries to negotiate with the studios, but they keep pointing out problems. He stresses the importance of the issue.

Henry pulls Dmitri into an alley and tries to talk sense into him. Dmitri shares the news about Olga Gorev. 

Jay hits a brick wall with the executives. As they're leaving, he shares a story from his past to try and convince them. It doesn't work. 

Henry visits Olga, and brings her to the McCord house just as several Russian thugs show up to take her. 

Gorev insists he will not share Russian secrets, and gets a call from Olga just as Elizabeth gets a call from Henry.

Henry tries to reassure the kids about Olga's visit. Elizabeth is frustrated that he won't tell her the real reason for Olga's stay.

Matt tries to console Jay after his loss. Jay opens up more about his experience in Afghanistan. 

Allison gets upset that Elizabeth didn't pay enought attention to her that morning. Stevie tells Elizabeth that Allison does get the short end of the stick a lot in the family.

Gorev and Elizabeth talk about Olga, and she reiterates the Presidents offer of cash for information about Russian secrets. He declines. She has pulled out a file about the cyber attack and thinks she may have a solution for them both.

Elizabeth tries to connect with Allison. 

Elizabeth got the identity of the hacker from Gorev, and shares that with Dalton and Sterling. Dalton agrees that transaction to get Gorev the money can go ahead. 

As Gorev prepares to leave, his assistant pulls a gun and shoots him and the other aide, stealing a laptop before elaving. 

The McCord's are enjoying family game night with Olga when Elizabeth gets the call about Gorev. 

The Ukranian president gets an update from an aide as he arrives at an airfield -- the US military equipment is on route to one of their airbases. 

Dmitri and Henry meet in the park, and talk about Gorev's death. Dmitri tells Henry the information about the Ukraine invasion he learned at the embassy. 

Elizabeth invites Olga to stay with them, but she insists on going back to Russia to bury her father. 

Elizabeth wakes up Henry cleaning out her closet. She's upset about Allison's perception of her, and about her inability to prevent tragedies like Gorev's assissination. 

In the sit room, the President, Elizabeth, and Joint Chiefs are briefed on the crash of the Ukranian president's plane crashing. He and the others on board managed to survive because of parachutes on board. Sterling deduces that Russia, and Ostrov, and the number one suspects for who hired the hacker. 

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Madam Secretary Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

I-I'm sorry. Helping to stop World War III is a "special interest"?


So, he's done picking up weapons at the Pentagon, and he doesn't have any lunch plans?

Sec. Elizabeth McCord