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On Madam Secretary Season 2 Episode 3, Elizabeth travels to Russia to attend the funeral of President Ostrov, but she has ulterior motives and wants to try to fix relations between America and Russia with the help of Prime Minister Gorev. Things are going smoothly until Blake's attempt at being diplomatic, by taking a photo with a older Russian man, goes viral and it turns out he's wearing a Nazi shirt with anti-Russian sayings. This quickly causes a lot of tension between Maria Ostrov, the President's widow, and Elizabeth.

Gorev tries to back out of talks with Elizabeth, but she convinces him that they were set up and this is not a reflection of how America feels about Russia. Gorv reluctantly gets all of the Generals together to listen to what Elizabeth has to say and it's a successful meeting which could easily lead to the start of a positive relationship between Russia and America until Maria Ostrov takes the podium at her husbands funeral and denounces America and Elizabeth. Unfortunately, the funeral is being televised and all of Russia is seeing Maria say hateful things about America and she is determined to take the administration down. Elizabeth quickly leaves the funeral to head back to the states and President Dalton is now convinced, thanks to Craig, they should declare war on Russia.

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Madam Secretary Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

I mean you're saying even if I win, I lose?


Mr. President, with respect, Russia's already completely on edge about our intentions. We've had some pretty close calls over the last six months.