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Laura Cramer, an aid worker who was kidnapped and been missing for over a year is seen on a video from a human trafficking ring in Kyrgyzstan. They’re trying to sell her and many other woman to the highest bidders. Kyrgyzstan’s President Nogoyev is reluctant to help the US shut down the human traffickers and get her back if there isn’t anything in it for him. 

Nogoyev wants a famous young actress, Ashley Whittaker, to visit for his birthday in order to help with the human trafficking, but she refuses to go. When Ashley meets with Laura Cramer’s mother, she changes her mind and decides to go. 

Nogoyev allows the raids while Ashley is at his party, but the local police allow the mobster’s to escape and all of the woman being trafficked end up suffocated to death in the back of a truck. One of them is Laura Cramer. 

Ian Conroy calls Henry and asks for a meet at a mall. He explains that he was stuck on guard duty the night Henry was attacked but that they think Henry was just some dumb hunter. While they meet, the FBI raids the compound but the elders are off sight and their are no drones or bombs. 

Turns out the bomb is in Ian’s truck at the mall. Henry hits Ian and drives to truck to a field. He just makes it out before it blows up. Ian is taken into custody. Ian says that he doesn’t have all of the details but he knows that this bomb was just the beginning and that they have to stop it before it happens. 

Henry and his team find a connection between the cult and a former CDC scientist who was doing research on a deadly strain of avian influenza, but the scientist can’t be found. 

Jason and Allison both have dates to the Spring Fling dance. Jason overhears Allison’s date, Thad, making fun of her dress that she made herself, saying “who wears something like that?” and that she isn’t even making him work for it.


Allison dumps Thad when he tries to get her into one of the back bedrooms at the party and then gets angry when she says no. Allison is upset with Jason because he didn’t say anything when he heard what Thad said int he bathroom. Later, Jason sprays a shaving cream message on Thad’s Range Rover but gets caught by the school, who’s head master lets him go after hearing the story. 

Madam Secretary
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Madam Secretary Season 3 Episode 18 Quotes

Matt: Isn't Nogoyev the Russian lapdog who outlawed free press on the first day?
Daisy: And made his mother's birthday a national holiday.
Matt: Well, that would totally work on my mom.

Matt: How are you doing with the whole…
Daisy: Guy I was dating getting poisoned by some nefarious agent still at large? Not great, but thanks for asking.