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Peter takes an RFK pin and tells himself it's a big ay today. He loses his pin in a sewer grate. He is late getting to the climate change meeting and is in a bad mood because he lost it. Anyway he says they need to get China and Russia on board.

Blake doesn't like the campaign HQ. Neither does Mike B. He wants Blake and Daisy to vet Elizabeth's kids. Daisy doesn't think Blake can be tough enough.

Dalton and Russell applaud Elizabeth when she comes in. Elizabeth wants to help get the votes to get the treaty through the Senate.Russell doesn't think it's good for her presidential campaign, but okay. Dalton says if Elizabeth wants to stay on as Sec of State he'll tear up her resignation.

Henry doesn't want to learn to scuba dive when they go on their post-announcement vacation. 

Jason refuses to tone down his social media post and Alison brags about using edible marijuana. Blake goes along with what the kids say.

Blake goes through Stevie's list of romances and says they could be problematic to her mother's campaign. Stevie says they don't have the security clearance for her greatest mistake. Anyway the FBI knows and she is still cleared to work in the White House.

Elizabeth holds a press conference to announce she is resigning as Secretary of State.

At the conference, Callister tries to suggest migrants will steal jobs. Elizabeth deals with that, but another Senator is worried about dependence on fossil fuels and won't vote for the proposal.

Blake tries to apologize to Stevie, who doesn't care.

Elizabeth loses her temper with the senator during a meeting. She feels bad about it. Henry tells her that Russell needs to take his own advice. Meanwhile, Henry is still not interseted in scuba diving. Russell calls and they have the votes after all.

Henry admits he's scared of scuba diving.

Over drinks, Stevie tells Blake that she is melting down after reading the climate change report. Blake is too. . He won't let Stevie pay for the drinks.

Later Blake and Stevie talk about what they would do if they knew the world was ending. Neither is sure. All of a sudden Stevie kisses Blake. They are both embarrassed. Blake says they can't do that. He apologizes. Stevie thought he was gay. He says he's bi but that's not why. Stevie says it's over, don't freak out. She leaves and Blake says OMG.

Elizabeth gives Pete a new RFK pin. He is incredibly appreciative. He says he and his dad disagreed about everything until they went to a RFK rally. RFK was telling America the truth as he saw it. He thought if RFK could bring him and his old man together the country ought to be a cinch. Elizabeth reminded him why he got into this in the first place. 

Blake is defensive of Stevie with Mike. After Daisy leaves he tells Mike B about the kiss. MIke doesn't care. 

In Geneva, Peter and a Russian guy are talking. Everyone seems to have been poisoned. A guy outside locks them all in.  Peter's life flashes before his eyes, literally.

Elizabeth and Jay are upset to hear everyone died.

A white nationalist group has taken responsibility for the attack. They want to destroy anyone who accepts refugees. Dalton asks Elizabeth if allies will unify. Many of the allies are backing out of the climate migrant deal out of fear.

France doesn't trust the US because Callister is campaigning on the promise of pulling out of the accord if he becomes President.

Nina tearfully tells Elizabeth that Peter's remains will be decontaminated and released soon. Elizabeth hugs her.

Elizabeth contacts Russia and they exchange condolences. Elizabeth hopes that Russia will honor their memory by honoring their commitment. But Russia says their people are afraid. He is offended when Elizabeth suggests his signal boosting of hate has led to this. He says the problem with free speech is its a weapon thanks to Callister. 

Elizabeth talks to Henry. She has this feeling that Callister was bought and sold. Why didn't Russia tell her? She realizes that Russia is interfering and trying to undermine faith in the American system by getting her to accuse Callister of being loyal to Russia, but what if it's true? Henry thinks she has to investigate this.

Elizabeth attends a meeting where she learns Callister is being investigated for collusion with Russia after his campaign manager is arrested. He may try to cry witch hunt and accuse Elizabeth of starting it. Elizabeth doesn't care. She says if they get rid of Callister the US can lead again. 

Callister says this is a witch hunt and then says he's suspending his campaign. Henry is thrilled with this. France has heard and is back in on the treaty. Elizabeth is upset that other countries are still on the fence. She's trying to get this treaty passed and the nationalist ideology is on the march. She feels politics is an ugly joke. . Stevie says she's going out. Elizabeth says she's been thinking.

Stevie comes to see Blake. She's upset. She's tired of feeling triggered and sad. 

Elizabeth goes to see Dalton. She says everything they fought for is under attack and she wants to rescind her resignation.  Dalton says he can't. He says he still needs her help but so does her country. 

Elizabeth talks to Peter's kids. She tells them she really respected him. They give her the RFK pin. 2 months later she uses it in her kickoff rally, along with talking about her parents' death.  



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Madam Secretary Season 5 Episode 20 Quotes

Never met a politician so willing to make it easier to make running for President harder.


Big day, Pete. Try not to be a jerk.