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Will is having a family dinner with Elizabeth and her family. There is some banter about who is cooking. Will's daughter wants to say Grace. This leads to an argument. Later Elizabeth can't get over this. Henry says lots of families have religious issues. Maybe Will and Sophie haven't had a talk about this yet. Elizabeth doesn't like Annie being in the middle. Henry is reading and not answering. He doesn't want to get involved. He thinks she is too parental with Will. Elizabeth wants Henry to intervene, which he does not want to do.

Meanwhile, the staff is getting ready to go to Afghanistan to oversee a troops withdrawal. Kat is surprised Elizabeth made an agreement with Taliban leaders who don't accept women in government. Matt interrupts -- he needs to buy a gift for his mom's birthday

There is a meeting. Lots of food thanks to Gordon Becker. Nina shows off when Blake asks her to set up a meeting for M. Sec.

Elizabeth and Becker disagree about the policy in Afghanistan.

On the plane, Matt sits next to an Afghani woman who has had a heart transplant. He talks with her interpreter who is glad he supports her organization. The woman is overwhelmed with the US and wants to see her family in Afghanistan. SHe is afraid she will forget her English, though. However she can't wait to go home and eat her mother's Piti (bean soup. SOme girl behind them wants to window shade open so she can take a selfie. They hit some turbulence and the Afghani woman is nervous. Matt reassures her she'll be fine.

The plane lands in Kabul and Matt says goodbye to his seat mates. The Afghani woman gives him a bracelet to remember her by. Selfie girl complains they are blocking her way.

At the US Embassy in Kabul, there is a disagreement about how soon schools can be opened.

The Afghani woman begs to be let into the embassy. Matt tries to intervene and orders the woman let inside. She says the guys want to kill her because of Matt.

Jay asks are you sure this is an honor killing? Matt can't believe it's because of him. Daisy says selfie girl made a video that made it look like they were in a romantic relationship. Matt is getting upset.

Jay says the girl cannot stay here unless she asks for asylum because she is only 17. Elizabeth says she will need a private meeting with the President. She doesn't blame Matt. He blames himself.

Meanwhile, Will comes to see Henry. He wants to apologize for the other night. He says this is out of nowhere. He says he has always been open to religion and Sophie religiously opposed. He says Sophie freaked out because he wanted to send Annie to Catholic school. Now all of a sudden Sophie is fine with saying Grace -- what is that about? Henry says it's not about religion. Is that the only thing they have been fighting about? Will admits they fight all the time and always have. But making up used to be more fun. Henry suggests counseling. Will thinks that's the beginning of the end.

Elizabeth talks to an Afghani woman who says that honor killings happen in the provinces. She blames Elizabeth because of her agreement with Afghanistan. Her info contradicts Elizabeth's. Elizabeth says this agreement could be monumental for both our countries. She's worried that protecting this girl will hurt the deal. President wants to see her. He says they are holding his niece against her will. Elizabeth tells him about the honor killing issue. He doesn't want to take a stand when he's fighting to get along with the Taliban in his government. He says the news is full of how the US Secretary of State kidnapped an Afghani girl, so the deal is on hold until this is resolved. He says if you don't release the girl, the Taliban will take over and create problems. So he has to renge on the deal.

Protesters are demanding the US release the girl. Elizabeth video chats with Kat, who says that if the girl is murdered it will be misreported.

Matt attempts to meet with the family, who wants the girl returned. The Minister of Education stands up for Matt and the girl's choice to stay at the Embassy. One of the Afghanis says in his native language this is Matt's fault. In English he says the father is angry but won't hurt her. Matt shows them the video and tries to explain it.

The Minister of Education thinks that Matt did a good job. The girl's uncle wants Matt to make a public statement and wants the Secretary of State to do so as well..

Matt and Jay give the girl the good news. But she has had a call from her mother warning her not to come home or she will be killed.

Elizabeth is upset by the medieval nature of this. Henry says the Napoleonic code wasn't abolished in France til 1975. Elizabeth says anyway she has to bolster the faction of the government that is progressive somehow. She hears a doorbell and gets off the phone. It's Will with a suitcase. He and Henry talk about how hard it is to put his professional life aside when he comes home. Henry talks about the Romans. Will says he will try to remember that for his next marriage. He says Sophie wants him out. Things are better now that they've decided this. Henry invites him to stay as long as he needs.

Elizabeth and Jay discuss the problem. Jay says they can't kill her while everyone is watching them. Elizabeth says she can't send her back when there is a threat. They are sent back to the Embassy as a precaution. Jihadists are attacking over this issue. Becker thinks they're not here to save this girl. Becker thinks Elizabeth is trying to atone for the past. He says US troops don't deserve to die for this girl.

They talk with the Education Minister. She understands why they can't keep protecting the girl. Elizabeth says she's out of moves since F'jana won't agree to ask for asylum. The Education Minister says she has an idea.

Daisy is watching the news. Matt is not happy that the solution is an arranged marriage between the girl and a man twice her age. Daisy says this is not out of the norm. Matt yells at Daisy and Jay don't they have daughters? Jay says what F'jana wants is to keep living. Matt is upset to hear the girl has already left. He runs after her and says he's sorry. She says this is God's will and this will be a good life for her. The Minister of Education takes her away. She is prepared for the wedding while Matt sits in an office playing with the bracelet she gave him and looking sad. THe Minister of Education speaks to the father in their native language. He promises not to hurt his daughter.

Success! The deal is on track and there is an independent watchdog group being formed to make sure there is no more violence against women.

Elizabeth has a press conference in which she announces that the US is going to withdraw troops.

Will is in the kitchen when Elizabeth comes home. She says Henry told her about the divorce. She says Afghanistan was harrowing. She's worried about Will. He's sure she's disappointed in him. She says no. She says just talk to me. Will says he didn't know anything about how to be married. He thought it was easy because of their parents. Elizabeth says their parents fought sometimes, nothing major. She and Henry had to work at it too. Will says he bonded with Henry. Elizabeth says she's sorry for parenting him. Everyone else is at dinner. Will didn't want to eat. Elizabeth can't take it. She's going to make him eggs. Will says at least let me do it. Elizabeth advises him not to get shells in it. She's happy to have him here as long as he needs.

Madam Secretary
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Madam Secretary Season 5 Episode 15 Quotes

Elizabeth: So you're deliberately not getting involved?
Henry: Correct.
Elizabeth: Because you think I come off as too parental with Will.
Henry: Yes.
Elizabeth: Well, I was there when he needed a parent.

Annie: Can we say Grace?
Will: Oh, we don't do that, honey.