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In Northern Syria, a woman is carrying a child with a stuffed animal. The child is cold. They are hiking through the woods. They are almost where they are going.

This is footage being shown at a UN conference in Qatar that Elizabeth is attending. The aid effort is 5 million short and Elizabeth says they cannot fail. Her team tries to talk to various ambassadors but the consensus is the US is turning away too many refugees and has some nerve asking.

There seems to be no solution and even worse, there has been a collapse at the border so there will be more refugees coming. The only option is to talk to China. The Chinese ambassador has no interest. All he cares about is technology. He says they are beating America -- Elizabeth says except in humanitarian aid, but he doesn't care.

Elizabeth talks to Henry over video chat. Henry blames the Russians. Elizabeth thinks they should reach out to Moscow. Their conversation is interrupted by Alison coming in and it's obvious she was out all night. Henry decides to talk to her. Meanwhile, Turkey has closed its borders, trapping the refugees.

Elizabeth talks to the Turkish ambassador who says they are not reopening the border until the US contributes more aid. They argue and guns are drawn.

Elizabeth and her team stop for a layover in Iceland but there is a volcano beneath a glacier that has erupted so all planes are grounded. The Turkish ambassador is also grounded. Elizabeth says she will have that beer after all.

Matt confers with Amy and lets her know Henry will be giving a FSO speech in Elizabeth's place. Matt asks her for feedback on his girlfriend's CO and how she laughs at every one of his jokes. Amy walks off laughing.

Aiden tells Elizabeth there is a plane sampling the air. A sandwich cart is open. Blake interrupts. The Russian ambassador is ready to talk. 

Elizabeth shows the ambassador photos of the refugees. The ambassador says the refugees are terrorists. He doesn't want to help unless the US accepts the Russian occupation of Crimea.

Meanwhile the Turkish ambassador and his staff have taken all the food. He refuses to share any with Elizabeth and her staff. Elizabeth asks how many outlets there are and says they should claim all of them.

Matt and Henry confer on the speech. Alison interrupts to get some ice cream. Matt suggests that Henry speak to the deployed soldiers about how to keep a relationship going long distance. Henry realizes that Matt is talking about his own relationship. Matt asks Henry for advice. Henry says that he has no advice. He was so lovesick that he would drive 11 hours to see Elizabeth for one hour. Matt says that is beautiful. Alison thinks monogamy is too stressful and you should just do what feels right in the moment. Henry looks upset.

The Turkish ambassador walks through the airport and discovers Elizabeth and her staff are using every available outlet. The ambassador complains he is losing battery. Elizabeth tells him first come first serve. She demands sandwiches in exchange for the outlets.

The captain of the Dutch Chess Team approaches Jay. She is hungry. She wants half the sandwich or they declare the bathroom Dutch territory. Jay asks her what her chess rating is and says he was at the top of his middle school class. He will play her for it.

Kat and a Turkish woman are exchanging compliments when Elizabeth takes Kat aside. She wants to find out where the Turkish embassy was going. They were going to the UN to get a permanent rotating seat. Elizabeth wants to try to block it to get the Turks to open their border.

Jay and the Dutch woman play chess and Jay wonders if he could have turned pro. The woman wins easily and takes his sandwich. He is smiling.

At the McCord house, Alison is lying on the couch and asks how the speech is going. Henry wants to talk about the monogamy thing. Alison says boyfriend is a label of the patriarchy, there is no need to define things because they are not in a relationship. Henry thinks that is risky. Alison says they are not investing and she's not worried about heartbreak. She tells him he knows nothing about her generation and storms off.

Elizabeth laughs about this with Henry. She and Kat discuss plans to block the Turk's plan.

Jay and the woman play another game of chess. She wins again and explains his error. She says she learned it in second grade. Jay thinks he's way beneath her. She likes him. Besides, the Russian champion cheats.

The Turkish ambassador thinks Elizabeth's staff is too loud while singing karoake. She and the ambassador bond over they both are terrible singers.

The Turkish ambassador says he wants his seat on the Security Council. He says his heart goes out to the refugees but he can't afford to open his borders. The Turkish ambassador's staff wants to sing karaoke. Aiden is singing and Jay is dancing with the chess champion.

Blake wakes Elizabeth up. The planes have been given the green light to fly.

Jay and the chess champion share a kiss before they leave. The rest of the staff keeps teasing Jay, who is mad about the Russian cheating in the tournament.

Henry gives his speech.  He talks about how hardship is part of the journey and thanks the families for supporting their diplomats. Matt is impressed. He has plans to meet Ronnie in Hawaii. He is hoping Henry will get Elizabeth to give him the time off.

Henry and Elizabeth look at footage and see that the Russian was cheating but they don't have enough proof. Elizabeth is hoping that if she can disqualify Russia so China wins, China will have to help with the refugee crisis. Henry says he's going to insist on waivers. He makes a speech about how Russia used to be a great country and now all they are are cheaters.

Elizabeth calls the Chinese ambassador. She will not report Russia for cheating unless China contributes something to the effort to help the Syrian refugees.

We see the chess game between the Chinese and the Russian players. Security guards burst in and arrest the Russian player. He fights and knocks over the board. Elizabeth's staff enjoys watching the fight.

China and some other countries have contributed but they are still 2 billion short. Elizabeth sees the Turkish ambassador. She promises the US will make up the short fall later. She convinces the Turkish ambassador and agrees to help him get his seat on the Security Council. He tries to get someone extradited but Elizabeth rejects that.

Jay plays Words with Friends with his new girlfriend. He and Matt discuss long distance relationships.

Elizabeth finally comes home. She is exhausted. She feels this victory was fate rather than skill. Henry says free will can't exist without faith and vice versa. He thinks she would have found a way volcano or no volcano.

Alison shows up and announces she's moving out. She's sick of unsolicited advice. She asked Gunner where everything was going and he freaked out. She blames Henry for the breakup. Henry thinks she can do better. Alison is annoyed and goes. Elizabeth and Henry watch the refugees enter Turkey. Henry wonders if he forced Alison to move out. 




Madam Secretary
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Madam Secretary Season 5 Episode 6 Quotes

Turkey already has eight families per tent. What are they supposed to do, stack them?


Blake: Get your attention?
Daisy: Not enough. We're 5 million short. Donor fatigue is real.
Jay: Six years of war.
Daisy: If we fail here, we send the message that Syria doesn't matter.
Elizabeth: We can't fail. Search under the White House cushions for change.