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At the jail, Elizabeth talks to a priest while she is being processed.

Russell and Henry argue about whether Elizabeth did the right thing. Russell thinks that Elizabeth is torching her Presidential aspirations and for nothing. It has solved nothing.

Dalton wants to send in the National Guard but Russell and Henry don't agree with that idea. They think they need to de-escalate the situation and fight the family separation in court. Henry wants to send Mike B and go down there himself to help Elizabeth.

Nikki says that Elizabeth's mug shot is now a meme. Stevie comes to see Daisy. She needs a new band for the party.  Daisy doesn't want to help even though she, Jay, and Blake sang at a party. She suggests Stevie mention who her mother is.

At the jail, Kat calls her dad and asks in Spanish if she can come see him the next morning.

Mike B is critical of Elizabeth. But he wants her to plead guilty to misdemeanor trespass. She says no. She says she was doing her job. Mike says but she will be charged with a felony and not become President. He leaves.

When Elizabeth goes to court the spectators applaud. To Mike's dismay, she pleads not guilty. The judge orders her released ROR but Elizabeth won't leave prison until the detained children are reunited. The courtroom applauds. Elizabeth asks to make a speech. The judge lets her. 

Russell is upset and says the administration has to protect itself from Elizabeth's immature response. Jay disagrees with him. He says the President should get a statement supporting Elizabeth. Russell says he does care about the kids but this is about process and what's best for democracy. 

They are interrupted by a video of a guard in Arizona who leaked a video of the kids and made a statement that he stands with Elizabeth.

Governor Barker thinks that Elizabeth broke the law and he did the right thing. Dalton offers him a seat at the table on the discussion about border security. Barker says his base hates compromise and wants the immigration law ripped up. Dalton says no. He says they have to end this. They have to get dirty. His advisor suggests they argue that Barker' policy is outside the scope of his domain and charge him with kidnapping. Russell likes it.

Stevie cooks dinner and lines up a band called Epic Dreamscape. She says it's the best wedding band in town. Alison and Jaso bicker about what to do for their part in this thing. Alison suggests doing something with Henry's joke. Stevie gets a text that her original band will perform.

Daisy and Jay talk. Jay's leg hurts and he's sure he won't get any sleep. He eats Wynn's marijuana edibles and gets super stoned. He gets a collect call from Elizabeth and falls off the bed. Elizabeth is getting special treatment at jail. Jay is laughing. She thinks he sounds weird. He says these are weird times. Elizabeth wants Jay to take another crack at Carlos. She thinks if they don't do something soon, Dalton will call the National Guard. She gives Jay some instructions and hangs up. Jay mumbles that was hard.

Jay calls Kat. She's driving to visit her father. She hasn't seen him in a couple of years. He says he has an idea.

The next morning, Wynn is bothering someone about the legalization of marijuana. Jay and Wynn are going to see the Senator as soon as he gets out of his meeting. Jay tells Wynn not to screw this up.He goes up to Carlos and apologizes for the other night. He wants to revisit the idea. Carlos says no. Jay says he has a way to be tough on immigration and still reunite families. He says something about illegal drugs over the borders and introduces him to Wynn. Carlos wants to see evidence. Wynn gives him numbers. 

Kat goes to see her father who gets mad that she talks to him in Spanish and is critical of her and her mother. He is critical of her being openly bi also. She says she didn't come here to argue. She says she's worried about him. He says he's a legal immigrant with a green card. Kat says she would feel better if he had citizenship. She brought the forms. He promises her in Spanish that he will do it.

Henry goes to see Elizabeth, who says it looks like they will get the votes to end the family separation policy. But Barker is threatening to go to court to fight the bill. Henry thinks they shouldn't worry about Barker yet. He says they won't get back in time for the vow renewal. He brought the family to jail to see her. They give her a dress and jewelry and the priest to officiate.

Elizabeth changes in her cell. She is impressed with Henry's tux. Mike insists on taking wedding photos. The priest begins but Elizabeth doesn't have her vows. The kids laugh at the dated references in Henry's letter to Elizabeth before he left for the Middle East. Just then Stevie gets a text that the policy is over and Elizabeth will be released. 

The parents and children are reunited and then the real party begins. Matt asks Jay if he really wanted to pitch farm animal pajamas to the Department of Agriculture

Elizabeth announces that she is running for President. 

Peter Frampton plays live in her living room as she and Henry dance and kiss.

Madam Secretary
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Madam Secretary Season 5 Episode 11 Quotes

I feel like the soul of our country is at stake.


Elizabeth: Christ, I guess you're used to this sort of thing. Jesus, I didn't mean - And I just said Jesus.
Priest: My mother always said never call on him unless you need him, so I'd say it's appropriate.