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Allie volunteers for a Congressional campaign in MD for a candidate who seems to be on the right side of every issue, but she becomes disillusioned when she finds out he's dropping one of his key planks because it's not polling well with voters. Allie decides not to vote, but Elizabeth isn't down with that and gives a convincing speech about why it's not just a right, but a duty to participate in democracy, and also why being a single issue voter is dumb. 

Henry and Stevie get thrown out of a favorite brunch spot. Elizabeth manages to keep herself from issuing a public response, but Russell is suspicious and digs into the issue. It turns out that a Senator who Elizabeth recently met with was the owner's college roommate and they share season tickets to the Caps. The Senator is coming after Elizabeth, guessing at her run for President. Kat does even more digging and the team finds out that the Senator has ties to white nationalists. Kat confronts him about his voting record and his shady dealings and issues a veiled threat to back off of Elizabeth. 

Elizabeth takes over a DoD project to repatriate WWII soldiers at Dalton's request. The soldiers were located in the Philippines and President Andrada is dragging his feet on sending them home. The delay threatens to impact the midterm elections and thus Dalton's ability to accomplish his legislative agenda. Everybody is concerned that Elizabeth manages the issue from a distance because of her past with Andrada. He publically is asking for more respect from America, who only has an interim ambassador present in the country, but his ambassador tells Elizabeth that the soldiers will not be returned until a $300 million military aid package is passed by Congress. Elizabeth ends up flying to Manila, where Andrada puts on a show, making her come to his boxing gym to meet. In between posing for the cameras, Elizabeth threatens him into complying with the US's request to return the bodies -- she says that she'll expose his weakness, both in begging the US for aid and by getting his nose broken at her hands. 

Madam Secretary
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Madam Secretary Season 5 Episode 4 Quotes

Elizabeth: Oh, sir, I would advise against that. He's gonna take it as an affront.
Dalton: Says the woman who shattered his nose.

'No man left behind' isn't just a credo, it's a pledge we make to the enlisted and every second those soldiers aren't back is a breach of faith to those who serve.