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Blake and his boyfriend discuss dinner plans. An FBI agent interrupts. They have a search warrant. Blake calls Russell.

Blake is upset and sure he is going to jail. White House Counsel says this is a fishing expedition and not to worry, but wants to loop Elizabeth in.

Jason confronts a student reporter who gives negative coverage to Elizabeth.

Mike thinks Elizabeth should skip the White House Correspondents dinner because of her fight with Valerie Gillium and she's  not funny.

Elizabeth learns the hackers have been located. She tries to talk to the Iranian leader. He thinks she shuld appreciate him interfering in her behalf. Elizabeth threatens sanctions if he doesn't extradite the hackers in 48 hours.

Dmitiri is upset that Stevie is working again tonight. He wants to go out somewhere.

Elizabeth tests the National Spelling Bee Champion. Press conference goes bad when people start asking about questionable foreign policy decisions Elizabeth made when she was Secretary of STate.

Blake says that he had a flash drive in a safe with damaging info about Elizabeth. Russell is angry that Blake kept the drive. Russell and Mike think Hansen is causing trouble right before the Correspondents Dinner on purpose. Elizabeth asks for Olivia to investigate. Russell says on the DL, please, so Elizabeth doesn't look paranoid.

Iran attacks Israel. The Sec. of State says Iran is doing this to get back at Elizabeth for threatening sanction.  Elizabeth wants to increase sanctions and block Iranian officials. Russell says he can only get Israel not to retaliate for so long.

Elizabeth is having a superdrink when Stevie comes in. Elizabeth asks how Dmitri is. Stevie is worried about the public judging her because she was just with Griffin and now is with Dmitri. Elizabeth says Stevie doesn't care what other people think.  Stevie says she is afraid to commit to Dmitri because she'll be devastated if their relationship doesn't work out again. Elizabeth tells her that in love you have to risk everything to gain everything. She thinks Stevie shold take it one step at a time.

Henry shows Elizabeth an article Mia wrote about how Jason thinks Elizabeth deserves preferential treatment and that she might use her power to surpress Mia's negative coverage of her. Elizabeth says Jason will be made to apologize. Meanwhile Elizabeth is needed in the Situation Room.

The Iranian hackers have hacked some financal markets in Europe and almost sank a French ship by hacing into its GPS. This is interfering with oil trade. So if Elizabeth doesn't back off, there will be international war. Elizabeth wants to talk to their allies but Russell says they won't help. Elizabeth says sanctions aren't working and she is not backing off. 

Russell says that Hansen will not back off impeachment unless Elizabeth agrees to tax cuts and other conservative ideas. Elizabeth refuses.

Jason says his words were taken out of context. Henry says he has the article right here. Jason insists he is the victim here and that Elizabeth is always turning the other cheek. Elizabeth says that she doesn't have a choice about that. Jason  is told he has to write a public apology and post it by tomorrow.

Dmitiri and Stevie go for a walk. They are surrounded by press and so forth. Dmitri can tell she's nervous. Stevie says she's nervous about them being official. Dmitri says he won't hurt her again. He says some things are out of their control. Stevie says she can't go all-in and wake up one day to find him gone. Dmitri says he's not leaving again.

Elizabeth isn't happy with her speech. She needs a time machine to fix things. She's worried about getting impeached.  She thinks the country wasn't ready for a female President. Henry encourages her.

The only way to get the hackers is to stage a full scale war -- another Iraq. Elizabeth says maybe they can lure the targets out -- at least the main target. It would be difficult but possible. It is a high risk op that will cause American fatalities if it fails, and political consequences. Russell says her political enemies will use it against her even if she succeeds. Elizabeth doesn't care.

In the car, Elizabeth calls Russell. The SEAL team is ready. She hasn't looped in President Bashar.

Jason has made a video addressing the issue with Mia. He says that he is sorry he forgot that the press has the freedom to vilify people for no reason and is generally obnoxious. Henry says technically that was an apology. Elizabeth does not want to deal with this. She says Jason need to learn actions have consequences. Meanwhile she has a plan for talking to Hansen.

Blake meets Mike and Russel at the escalator. Elizabeth talks to some environmental lobyists. Jason shows up wtih a girl. Hansen is ready for Elizabeth and gives her the look of death.

Elizabeth meets Hansen in an isoalted area. She says she has made mistakes and can be too single-minded and doesn't always compromise. Hansen says compromise is the key to effective leadership. Elizabeth says however, you want my unconditional surrender. She says persecuting her staff is over the top. She calls him a con artist and a partisan hack. Hansen says when the end comes, remember he gave her a chance. 

The dinner begins. Jason is roasted by the speaker for his non-apology. Jason's date appears not to to want to sit with him any longer. The woman introduces Elizabeth. Meanwhile Russell is on the phone.

Elizabeth makes a speech about truth and freedom of the press. Meanwhile, we see the mission beginning in Iran.  Hansen looks angry as everyone else gives her a standing ovation.

Hansen addresses the Senateand says they have discovered contempt for truth and transparency coordinated by the President. He claims that even Dmitri being with Stevie is proof of corruption. He claims that her mission in Iran is an act of distraction. He has referred this to the House. Impeachment is beginning. Elizabeth asks for a minute alone. She calls Blake in and asks him for a bunch of stuff and tells him its not his fault. He will be there til the end,whenever that comes.



Madam Secretary
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Madam Secretary Season 6 Episode 7 Quotes

Mia: You know, Jason, your mother is a public figure.
Jason: No other politician is being treated like this.
Mia: No other politician is the President.
Jason: The first female President.

Blake: They took my phone, my laptop. Six years of unclassified information.
Mike: Six years? What kind of pat rack are you?
Blake: I knew she was special fro Day 1. I was going to write a book about her after she was done being Secretary of State, which then became a book about the first female President, which then became the story of a star-eyed boy from Newton who is going to Singh-Singh.
Russell: You aren't going to Singh-Singh. That's a state facility.