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Elizabeth gives a speech praising a Major Jenkins for his heroism. Major Jenkins gets a Presidential medal for his bravery.

Elizabeth is nervous that she missed something because of the protocol. Daisy has a meeting this afternoon (and a broken hand)

Jenkins is looking for Henry. Henry and Evan Moore both saulte Jenkins. Evan Moore is paralyzed following an encounter with an IED. He and Jenkins both agree that Henry's idea of modernizing the VA is a good idea. Jenkins wants to help get the bill passed, so Henry suggests he speak in front of the committee.

Talia comes home and is not happy that Dmitri is sitting around. He has not called Stevie yet. He is trying to become a US Citizen.He is not sure Stevie wants to hear from  him. 

Daisy goes before the Intelligence Committee. They want to know if she knew any Iranian nationals. Then they ask her about being arrested for assaulting a man in a bar.


Daisy is in the bar with the rest of the campaign crew. Some guy bothers Nina. Daisy hits him and he breaks his glasses and says someone call the police.


Apparently the veterans committee has adjourned. Jenkins is angry. He feels no one cares about veterans.

Henry confronts the head of the committee angrily. He finds out Morejon canceled the meeting.

At the veterans' picnic, Eliabeth competes in an egg race but a little girl wins.  Mike is upset there is no press. Henry tries to talk to Russell who thinks talking to Morejon is a bad idea.

A girl asks Stevie for a selfie.

Morejon tells Henry he has reservations about the bill and he wants a debate, not grandstanding.

Talia sees Stevie talking to her boyfriend and introduces herself. Stevie asks how Dmitri is. Talia says she has to speak at a Round Table about health care and wants Stevie's help. Can they have a drink this evening? Stevie tells Talia to give her her number.

The Senate Intelligence Committee guy wants to know why Daisy wasn't charged with a crime. He says the cops let her go because she works for Elizabeth. She denies that.


The cop insists on Daisy telling him who she works for. 


Daisy's lawyer says no color of office existed since Elizabeth was not in office. The Senate Intelligence Committee ends the session.

Stevie waits for Talia. She sees Dmitri.

Dmitri wasn't sure Stevie wanted to talk to him. He knows she's dating someone else. Stevie tells him how she's going camping with her boyfriend this weekend.

Henry says he's been on the phone with Jenkins all night. Elizabeth needs a shoulder rub. Henry says he's angry that Carlos won't let him talk to the committee. Elizabeth says they will get the bill passed with or without Carlos' help. She's talking to Peeples tomorrow.

Stevie walks in on Henry and Elizabeth kissing. She needs hiking boots. She asks if they knew Dmitri was back in town. She changes the subject back to buying camping stuff with Griffin. She almost leaves without the boots. 

The next day ,Peeples brings homemade Scotch. They discuss the drink. Elizabeth brings up the bill. 

Elizabeth is drunk by the time she gets back from lunch. Daisy gets her to lie down.

Jenkins has a PTSD reaction while sitting at a red light. He rear ends someone who threatens to call the cops. Jenkins screams at him to get away from his car, He gets up on the roof of his car as the cops arrive. He starts screaming about how nobody listens and nobody cares. He reaches for a gun and the cops shoot at him.

The news is calling Jenkins' death suicide by cop. Henry feels guilty for not seeing the signs. Jenkins had stopped going to see his therapist. Elizabeth says the suicide rate for veterans is twice what it is for civilians. 

Mike thinks they should use Jenkins' death as an argument for passing the bill. Russell thinks that is insensitive to Jenkins' family. Henry agrees with Mike. Daisy has an idea for an approach that could work. 

Russell and Mike tell Daisy that the committee thinks she lied. She doesn't know what this is about. Russell tells her if she needs to correct the record, do it quickly.

At the hearing, it turns out that Daisy forgot that a woman from the French Embassy was present. Hansen tries to turn it into Daisy keeping things secret. The lawyer convinces him otherwise.

Stevie seems uninterested on her road trip with Griffith. He asks her if the Secret Service takes care of ticks for her. He bought a lot of anti tick stuff. 

Henry talks at the Veterans Affairs Committee. He reads Jenkins' speech. His speech is read over the depiction of the funeral. The speech talks about how officers lie about having PTSD or don't go to their screening appointments so PTSD won't be on their records. All the horrible stories Jenkins described happened to him. 

Morejon feels guilty about not letting Jenkins address the committee. He's glad the bill passed. He wonders if Elizabeth is having second thoughts about him.  She's not.

Daisy tells Russell she left Claudia's name off the list for a reason.




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Madam Secretary Season 6 Episode 4 Quotes

It's not the VA's fault. They're understaffed and underfunded. Congress needs to do its job.


Major Jenkins has brought great credit on himself and upheld the highest traditions of the Marines. Because of you, 10 Marines were saved and two more came home. God bless you Major Jenkins, and God bless the Marines. Sempre fi.