On Madam Secretary Season 1 Episode 12, Elizabeth must cut short her 25th Wedding Anniversary celebration with Henry when a rogue Governor kidnaps a cop killer suspect.

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It's Elizabeth and Henry's 25th Wedding Aniversary and they are headed to New York to celebrate. But before leaving, they both have work to clear off their desks. Elizabeth meets with the widow of a Texas State Trooper. She convinces the widow to allow them to remove the death penalty so Mexico will extradite her husband's killer. Henry meets with his NSA handler. She tells him that his target, Klaus, came up clean and his service is no longer needed. Jay meets with Texas Governor Lockwood for lunch. He is upset when he finds out that Ochoa won't face the death penalty and uses it to gain press attention. Ochoa is broken out of his Mexican prison, but not by the drug cartels, but by The Citizens of the Republic of Texas. They want to make sure Ochoa faces Texas justice. Meanwhile in New York, Henry and Elizabeth are surprised when they bump into Klaus at their restaurant. Henry is naturally suspicious and calls his handler who agrees to investigate. She confirms that Klaus lied about why he was in New York, and Henry fears that Klaus is there is to harm Elizabeth. With Elizabeth out of town, will her team be able to handle the situation in Texas or will it be civil war? Is Klaus an imminent threat to Elizabeth and Henry? To find out the answers, watch Madam Secretary Season 1 Episode 12 via TV Fanatic.

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On Madam Secretary Season 1 Episode 12, Elizabeth must cut her 25th wedding anniversary trip short when an extradition becomes complicated.

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Madam Secretary
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He is the light of my life. He is the future. He will leave a greater mark than I have. So for our children, we make the necessary sacrifices without complaint or regret.


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