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T.C. and Rick are singing and dancing and making food when Kumu and Higgins show up.

They are having a hard time getting hold of Magnum. Rick gets a call that found Magnum's car and no Magnum. Rick is on the case.

They all go to investigate and find his gun is missing and there's blood on the car seat.

Katsumoto tells them that the PD is processing the car and wants to look at the laptop. TC says they should talk to Capt. Green and it might be associated with something.

Magnum is tied up somewhere in the back of a car.

Everyone on the phone looking for Magnum and information.

Magnum's tied up on a boat now. He's taking the kidnappers to the boat where the gold was found a while ago.

Magnum is injured and calls Rick to tell them where he's at. They arrive and he gives them an update about the gold.

Magnum calls on an old friend who is going to help, Lt. McReynolds who shares information about the guys who attacked Magnum. One of the guys, Foley, was a former CIA agent who both had a connection to Magnum's ex.

Magnum tells Higgins about Hannah. After she leaves, he has flashbacks.

Magnum and Higgins head out to find Foley and Magnum tells Higgins more about Hannah. Flashback to the story Magnum just shared.

Hannah was a traitor and she set them up to get captured.

Higgins and Magnum arrive at Foley's boat and find the deck splattered with blood. Foley is dead.

Katsumoto is at the crime scene as Magnum is headed somewhere else. TC and Rick show Katsumoto a truckload of gold that was found.

Magnum thinks Hannah killed Foley.

Mac calls and tells him that Foley was trying to take down Hannah.

Higgins and Magnum get accosted by a couple of SUV's. It's Hannah. They take Higgins away because they feel she's a threat while Magnum wants to know why Hannah betrayed them.

She wants him to back off, denies having Nuzzo killed, and says she's going after the gold. Then she leaves and lets both him and Higgins go.

Rick and TC are following the gold and Hannah and friends ambush. There's a shootout. Even Katsumoto is involved. Then Magnum shows up and joins in the fray.

Hannah gets into the gold truck and takes off but Magnum runs and hitches a ride on the truck.

Magnum makes Hannah pull over but she goes faster then stops and starts fighting him and they start fighting in the truck as it's moving. Jordana Brewster is a badass.

Hannah shoots Magnum but the car crashes, flipping over with the gold spilling out everywhere. However, when Magnum gets there, Hannah is gone. Where could she have gone on that highway?

Higgins and team show up. Magnum is shot and hurt.

The team visits Magnum in the hospital. No new information about Hannah. Higgins wants to talk to Magnum alone.

TC and Rick are concerned about Magnum and thinks he still loves Hannah.

Higgins tells Magnum she could've been warmer to him but is just ribbing him.








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