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Higgins and Magnum are looking for her necklace in the water. Kumu answers a call for him about a job.

A guy wants him to find his brother because he needs a bone marrow transplant.

Magnum has a flashback to his time in the Navy when he disobeyed a direct order not to save a fellow soldier.

Higgins finds information about the guy's brother, Bobby and he heads to the PO box location. He finds the PO box and a piece of mail getting him closer to finding Bobby.

Magnum finds the location and there is trouble. He saves Bobby from a beating and as they take off there's gunfire.

As they drive away, Magnum explains the situation with William. They are being chased by the guys who have automatics and continue to shoot at them. They're meth dealers who think Bobby stole their money, which he admits he did.

Magnum stops in a farm road so that Bobby can explain himself. Magnum tells him he'll figure something out to protect him and his family but he's got to come back with him to save William when they're done.

Flashback to Navy days where Magnum tries to get another doctor from another platoon to come and save the Navy Seal he was ordered to stand down for.

Magnum and Bobby go to his house to look for his wife and kid and find their house ransacked. Manny (the drug dealer) found the money. Bobby takes off while Magnum just wants him to donate marrow to save William.

Magnum convinces Bobby to stick around and let him do his job. Bobby gets a call from his wife asking about Manny coming after them. He watches his on for a moment on the phone. They're looking for a guy named Devin -- the landlord.

Bobby tells Magnum about his relationship with William. Bobby doesn't want to see the video William made. They are at the airport with Rick looking for Devin. Rick and Magnum talk about the flashback and trying to save Bruce.

Magnum has another flashback. They are under fire trying to get the doctor out. The doctor gets shot. 

They start looking for Devin when Magnum gets a call from Manny who has Bobby in his car with a threat. Magnum's got two hours to find his money or Bobby dies.

Magnum and Rick leave the airport still looking for Devin.

Kumu and Higgins are searching for Higgins' necklace on the beach with a metal detector. She gets a call from Magnum to try to find Devin's car via satellite.

They find Devin's abandoned car with a dead Devin in the trunk but no money.

Magnum thinks Devin was killed at the apartment. Magnum gets another call from Manny and he tells him he's got the money. He's got 30 minutes to get the money to him and texts the address to Magnum.

Magnum heads to the location for the meetup. Manny tells a story about how they found them at the airport. Magnum figures out it's one of Manny's men who stole the money. Magnum tries to talk his way out of the situation.

Rick starts shooting from a hidden location as Magnum and Bobby start running. There's a lot of dead people. Bobby is shot.

TC is on his way to pick up the gang and take Bobby to the hospital. Magnum has another flashback. The doctor is dying. Bobby wants to hear the video William left for him.

TC gets to the hospital where a team is waiting.

Magnum has a flashback. Both the doctor and Bruce are dead. His commanding officer isn't going to court martial him but he does admonish him for disobeying orders.

The three guys talk about what happened to Bruce and talk about if there was a different way they could have done things for a different outcome.

A doctor comes out and tells Magnum that the bone marrow transplant was successful and Bobby is going to be okay.

Magnum is the hospital room as William and Bobby reunite. Magnum did his job.

Magnum gives Higgins her necklace. She wants to know how and he tells her how he found it in the washing machine.

He wants to know who gave her the necklace. On the back it says "Love, R" but she claims it's not from Robin. She won't give up the goods.





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Magnum P.I. Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Look, I feel bad for Willy, but I stick around, I'm a dead man.


If you want to read something, Magnum, why don't you try a book? Mr. Masters has plenty of good reads. Perhaps, you can even find a short one with some pictures in it to amuse yourself.