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Katsumoto and the cops are looking for a girl name Amanda.

The girl's parents hire Magnum to find the girl's captors.

Magnum talks to the girl to find out information.

Magnum asks Higgins to help him with Amanda and use yoga to get her to talk. The girl finally talks to Magnum and he and Higgins go on a hike to search for the captors. 

While walking, Magnum talks to Higgins about his experiences in captivity.

They find a bunker and investigate. Higgins finds ATV tracks. Then a guy goes running and they chase after him.

Magnum catches him and they call Katsumoto, but the guy didn't kidnap Amanda. He's only living in the bunker.

Magnum learns that the man who took Amanda was a cop.

Magnum talks to Amanda and gives her encouragement to stay strong.

Magnum and Higgins investigate a rental and find computers with Amanda's images all over them. Somebody is still watching them and the captors take Amanda's mom.

Amanda's dad is being ordered around by the kidnappers. Higgins and Magnum are on their way and are watching the husband via satellite.

Tthe kidnappers order Amanda's dad to kill a U.S. Attorney.

It's up to Higgins and Magnum to stop the shooting.

Magnum dresses up as a security guard and stops the dad from killing the attorney. Katsumoto and his team raid the kidnapper's facility. The wife isn't there.

magnum and team find the wife buried somewhere and the family reunites.




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Magnum P.I. Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

If you don't have good balance, you're no good to anyone, especially yourself.


We're going to find your mom. I promise.