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Paramedics check out Rick after the car explosion. FBI Agent Ray Sloane shows up to take over the crime scene and Rick attacks him. Magnum and T.C. convince Rick to go to the hospital by ambulance. Higgins meets up with Sean Cavendish, a disgraced Mi-5 agent. Juliet grills him about the missing Mi-6 data, and offers to trade her sevices for her Mi-6 data. Katsumoto gets Sloane recalled for an FBI disciplinary hearing. He then strongarms Rick into accepting police custody. Magnum goes to track down Higgins. He sees Cavendish dropping her off. She discovers all Thomas's messages about Rick and drives off, only to find Magnum blocking her path. He confronts her about her recent behavior. Magnum guesses exactly what she has been doing. Juliet explains her situation then rejects his offer of help. Rick storms out on Katsumoto. Cavendish assigns Higgins to interrogate the captive Eve. T.C. and Katsumoto are concerned sniper Rick may go after the men he thinks blew up Robbie. Eve fingers Oliver, Sean's assistant, as the Mi-6 mole. Sean shoots Eve after discovering Higgins is Eve's asset from Eve's phone. Sean still wants to hire her. Magnum infiltrates Cavendish's office. Cavendish explains how he was captured and tortured after he was disavowed and torturedby Mi-6. Magnum distracts Cavendish with a phony call, then Juliet overcomes Oliver. They meet up then double back to destroy the stolen data. They discover the hard drive has been removed, then Cavendish captures them. Magnum shoots out the lights with his spare gun. Juliet takes down Cavendish while Magnum battles his thugs. Afterward Thomas calls Katsumoto about Rick. Higgins gets debriefed by the CIA. T.C. catches up with Rick at his sniper perch. T.C. talks him down. Juliet and Rick discuss what it means to have meddling, well-meaning friends.


Magnum P.I.
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Magnum P.I. Season 4 Episode 8 Quotes

Magnum: Mi-6 doesn't care if you die. I do.
Higgins: I know you do, Thomas.

I'm here, Sean, to ask you for a job.

Higgins [to Cavendish]