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Everyone attends the military funeral for Bob Braddock. Bob's brother Danny thanks Magnum for bringing them back together. Katsumoto rides his motorcycle to a crime scene. He's been called on his day off because of a skeleton found in the woods. The victim's phone had a voicemail from Sebastian Nuzo, Magnum's deceased friend. Thomas discovers that Ella's father Cole is texting with Higgins. Gordon tells Magnum that Sebastian is the prime suspect in the murder of Bruce Fletcher because of the threatening voicemail he left. Thomas lies and says he's never heard Sebastian speak of Fletcher. He resolves to solve the case. Magnum tells everyone else that Sebastian had hired him to find Fletcher, who borrowed money and equipment from Nuzo, then ghosted him. Thomas then gave Sebastian Fletcher's address. From social media, Juliet finds out that Sebastian and Fletcher were working together on a salvage deal. Magnum arrived at Nuzo's office to find the police carrying out documents. Gordon knows Magnum lied to him. Rick learns that Fletcher was bragging that his money troubles were over right before he disappeared. Thomas blames himself for not being able to save Sebastian. In a shed belonging to Oscar, who had been putting up Fletcher, Magnum and Higgins find the map Fletcher was using to search for salvage, which was a different location than the wreck Nuzo was seeking. Thomas dives to find what Fletcher discovered. He locates a container with skeletons of illegal immigrants. Magnum and Higgins identify dockworker Chris Bowen as a human trafficker. They take down the four traffickers getting ready to flee on Bowen's boat. Katsomoto hopes to bring down the entire ring. Sebastian's widow Lara joins the gang remembering him. Thomas realizes he's suffering from survivor's guilt. The ghost of Sebastian pushes Magnum to tell Juliet how he feels.

Magnum P.I.
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Magnum P.I. Season 4 Episode 18 Quotes

Don't let the years slip between your fingers like we did.

Danny [to Magnum]

Any excuse to put on my favorite suit.

Rick [to Magnum]