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When an anti-sex trafficking activist is found murdered in his home, Major Crimes is called in to investigate. The Senator with whom the activist had worked shows up to the police station and insists that his Chief of Staff stay to oversee the case. After questioning a prostitute the activist was trying to help, her pimp, and some of the activist's colleagues, and after speaking with Morales, Major Crimes discovers that the activist's killer had been right under their noses.

The DFCS social worker assigned to Rusty's case locates Rusty's biological father and brings him to Major Crimes. Rusty lashes out at Sharon and later apologizes and decides he wants to meet his father. When the moment comes to enter the room, Rusty turns and runs away.

Major Crimes
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Major Crimes Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Sharon: Damn it.
Flynn: Wow. Such language.
Provenza: Shocking, I know. It seems that the Captain has suddenly become very frustrated with the system.

Senator: It was great to meet the LAPD's best and brightest...
Provenza: Which am I? The best? Or the brightest?