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The squad investigates a murder in a hotel room which may end up having international implications.

Rusty is talking to Dr. Joe again, and whips up a fantasy about why he decided not to share his secret yet. Or is it a fantasy? it's about Lena Madhaven and her father, an Indian diplomat.

The story seems more fantastical the longer it goes on as Rusty wouldn't have information shared inside a closed office and the acting of all of the characters was over the top.

Adding to the mystery, the SIS officer brought in last season to protect Rusty was a part of the investigation.

In his world, Rusty wants Raydor to tell everyone he's gay. She goofily tells him why she won't do that.

One of the boys in Rusty's story makes eyes at him in the breakroom.

Dr. Joe understood exactly why Rusty was telling a tale. 



Major Crimes
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