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When a father and his two young children go missing and Sharon realizes Rusty is up to something but doesn't want to tell her.

A mother returns home from a business trip and her husband and kids are missing.

There's a lot of blood on a wall, but jackass doesn't think it's a big thing.

Linda Purl is the mother, so that means something.

The wife pretends her marriage was good, but others in the family are not so sure.

The bags are found and upon a scan there are children inside. Chan opens the suitcases to find the children, dead.

Provenza doesn't want to believe that the mother had anything to do with the murders.

One of the children, the daughter, wasn't Ben Logan's child. The mother calls it a mistake she made in her personal life.

The mother breaks down when being interrogated because Ellie's father is here. It's her cousin. They fell into it when they were 16, but stopped it years ago. She doesn't know anything about her husband flying drug lords.

For some reason, the cousin finally told her husband what was going on between he and Cynthia.

Sanchez freaks out on Tim in the interrogation room. He always thinks about the kids first.

Tim is an utter psychopath. He tries to tell how things went so wrong but even his attempts to do that are so frakked up it's utterly frightening.

Sharon wants to tell Cynthia about her children, mother to mother. Flynn suggests helping her because she has been there for him, but she can't let it go.

Rusty has something he wants to tell Provenza. Provenza thinks he's going to admit he's gay. Instead Rusty says his mom showed back up and he went to see her at rehab. She had work on her mouth and needs an electric toothbrush.

Major Crimes
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Major Crimes Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

Morales: No matter how many ways you look at it, some things never make sense. All I can tell you is they didn't suffer.
Sanchez: How do you know that?
Morales: Carbon monoxide poisoning. They were asphyxiated. Probably went to sleep inside a running car, inside a garage.

Hold on, hold on. We need to finish here first. And you need to keep filming. I want the jury to see this exactly the same way we did. OK Tao, open the other suitcase.