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The team investigates the murder of a young runaway while Sharon asks her husband an important question concerning Rusty. 

When a trash man dumps a can into his truck, he sees a body.

The squad always treats young victims with the utmost respect, and this one is no different.

When Flynn and Sanchez go the address on the victim's library card, the woman at the house has no idea who she is. Around the corner is a tent community and Flynn notices the same birds drawn on the girl's shoes.

The girl was abused, and the evidence is all over her body. Cigarette burns and broken teeth with good caps.

Jack Raydor, back and more of a POS than ever. Sharon either wants a divorce or for him to adopt Rusty with her.

Jack runs into Rusty and asks if he's ever thought of being an intern in a law firm. While they're together, Jack tells Rusty about the adoption and that doing it might mean a divorce. Sharon guarantees they'll get divorced now.

Provenza spots the divorce papers on Sharon's desk and eyes Flynn.

Provenza starts razzing Flynn about his dinners with Sharon.

When runaway Bug, who was set up with pawn shop papers to collect money, tries to run from the squad, a car stops and shoots her. 

The squad questions Bug and finds Slider, who she says killed Alice. When they pick him up, Slider doesn't have the best explanations for what he did. At his cavalier attitude, Hobbs wants to give him the death penalty.

The squad gives the girl a service in their chapel.

Rusty realizes he could have been a John Doe.



Major Crimes
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Major Crimes Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

A library card is a preferred form of ID from illegal immigrants.


Look at her shoes. Amazing isn't it? No matter how hard their lives, girls try to make things prettier.