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Police tape and lights. Provenza gets out of a vehicle. Tao asks for more SID people.

Tao says victim bought house two months ago. His name was Chandler Ethan Ryan. He is the son of "Fry 'Em Ryan," a tough judge. He was grabbed while running out of his house and trying to jump a fence. He was killed by a blow to the neck with a shovel. Provenza seems disturbed.

The victim was killed not too long ago. There is a lot of blood. Provenza wants it all collected.

Sykes says neighbors heard broken glass and shouting. 3 months ago the judge's window was shot out. She was attacked by the Fifth Dynasty, a motorcycle gang who had some members on trial with the judge.

Chandler was renovating the house while his fiancee was getting ready to move here with him from Iowa.

Provenza doesn't understand why a lawyer would paint his own house. 

Provenza wants the whole family brought to the station for their own protections.

Judge Ryan rejected a deal that would have allowed for the two on trial to serve only a few years instead of a life sentence. The judge shows up and defends this decision. She thinks this is about another warning by the Fifth Dynasty. She thinks the gang is trying to get her recused. She says the gang did not talk to her family. She is confused. Sharon tearfully tells her that her son is dead. Ryan does not believe her. She calls her son and tries to leave a voicemail, then breaks down into tears.

Buzz knocks on the door. Sharon tells the judge that they are bringing the rest of her family downtown for their own protection. Sharon very gently tells her to stay here while she steps out to talk to Buzz. He wants to tell her that the rest of the family is on their way up.

Ryan's son David is hostile and wants to know what's going on. David reveals that his 13 year old son was helping Chandler paint the house.

Rusty asks Gus why nobody will tell him where his sister is. Provenza gets confused and says he's looking for the killer, but reassures him Paloma is probably fine. Rusty's PO is in the conference room.

Flynn tells Gustav that Paloma was left behind after a bunch of kids shoplifted. The PO has found her and she's in a great home. Gustav wants her back but the PO says that if he ID's Paloma they have to locate her mom who may want her back. Rusty and Gustav are upset. Flynn is called out by Buzz.

Gustav's choices are to ID Paloma and have the foster system get in touch with their mom and stepdad or don't ID her and she stays in foster care and he has no right to talk to her or interact with her in any way. He says the photo looks like Paloma but he wants to see her in person before he makes a positive ID. The PO must get permission from the foster family.

Provenza interviews David. He says Henry was with Chandler over night. The mother does not know what the kid was wearing but the kids do.

David is hysterical about why they are taking DNA instead of looking for Henry. Judge Ryan says that they  need the DNA in case they have to ID Henry's body.

Sharon tells Ryan, privately, she should recuse herself. She won't. She will let them remove her when it's proven that the gang messed with her family. Ryan stares as the bikers pass by her.

Sanchez says nobody will talk. They should investigate girlfriends. One girlfriend has a restraining order. Sykes and Cooper are sent to stake out a new address.

Cooper tries to get Skyes back into SIS. She doesn't want to because they're dating. Luckily the conversation is interrupted by a car pulling up. Louise Rogers gets out of it with a ton of beer. They may have been seen. They approach the house. Rogers says she hasn't seen the two bikers. There is a noise but she says she's alone. A biker tries to run over Cooper. The biker falls down and is arrested. A gun is taken from him. Another biker blows up a car across the street and the biker starts laughing.

Sharon looks at Paloma's record and says the family wants to adopt her. Gus ID-ing her would ruin that. She would be sent to Nevada if that's where her parents are. Plus Gus doesn't have a place or a job. But Rusty can't get Gus to back off -- how can he do it? 

The biker's Miranda rights don't apply because a child is missing. They won't be able to use what he says in court but can use it to find the kids. The judge tries to sit in. She will not leave and says she must see her son's murderer. Sanchez offers to get rid of the resisting arrest and bombing charges if the biker helps them find Henry. The biker laughs about Chandler's death. He claims that he was with Walter and his girlfriend and wants to know what happened. He starts talking white supremacist attitude, and says he wouldn't kidnap a kid, but Chandler was a traitor because he was working on immigration.

Henry shows up in the station. He was dropped off by some bikers at his home.

Henry says the bikers told him to tell his aunt to back off their case. He stammers about calling his brother. He was blindfolded by the bikers. Sharon sends Tao out to check on Sean and dump Chandler's phone. Provenza asks if Henry was wearing a helmet.

Henry doesn't want to talk about Chandler's death.

Flynn asks Sean why he didn't tell anyone about Henry. He didn't want to get Henry in trouble. Dlynn asks if Henry confessed to the murder. Sean says Henry ran away.

Tao finds a link between Chandler and his mother on Lexus Nexus. Sharon tells him to let Flynn know.

Judge Ryan approved 3 non disclosure agreements for Chandler. She says the Suarez family was trying to extort her son. They claimed Chandler molested their son. She says it's a lie. They show her the video of Sean's interrogation.

Flynn asks Sean when Chandler molested him. Sharon won't stop the tape. Flynn says Chandler molested three kids. Ryan gets defensive. Chandler was a success and Sean is a loser. Sharon warns the judge that if she continues covering her late son's illegal activities she will have to act accordingly.

Sean doesn't want to talk about it. Sanchez says Henry will blame himself for Chandler's death and will have to relive his own molestation in court if Sean doesn't talk.

Sean says he used to love Chandler and then he started molesting him. He couldn't avoid him and didn't think the judge would believe him. He went to college for a bit but he couldn't handle it because of what had happened and when he came back he knew Henry had been molested. Henry didn't talk or play anymore, and he didn't want to go paint Henry's house but was made to go anyway. Henry called his brother when he was molested again. Sean got angrier and angrier on his way to get Henry. So he broke the window with a chair to scare him but Chandler claimed it was consensual and they fought. Henry came downstairs and saw Sean hit Chandler with the shovel. He tried to get him to stop but he didn't. He killed Chandler.

The judge, crying, asks to talk to her family herself before they call a lawyer for her nephew.

A procession of limos etc comes down the road. Provenza is making some notes. Judge Ryan pleaded for her nephew but he is still going to be convicted with manslaughter. They have enough evidence to convict the bikers of trying to intimidate the judge.

At Mariana's funeral, Flynn and Sharon hold hands. Gus cries over the grave. Rusty and Sharon come over and Sharon asks Gus if he's okay. He cries and says that he appreciates being able to do this for her but he thinks it's not fair that he had to agree not to see Paloma til she is 18. Gus asks if the state wants this or if it's what MCU wants. Rusty says it's what's Mariana would have wanted.

Rusty is also upset. He can't tell Mariana any of what's happened. He can't tell her what she meant to him. Sharon tells him he can tell others and maybe someday he will be able to tell Paloma. He wishes he'd been able to help while Mariana was alive. Sharon assures him that he did help.





Major Crimes
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Major Crimes Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

Tao: Chandler is the son of Security Court Judge Virginia Ryan.
Provenza: You mean Fry 'Em Ryan?

Have you noticed in addition to barbeques and children's birthday parties, backyards seem to attract murders?