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A bunch of people are yelling outside a crime scene. Provenza drives down the block and gets egged.

Some angry guy tells Julio the cops don't care if the neighborhood is falling apart. Julio tells him that there are no witnesses to the latest attack and gives him a card.

Sykes tells Provenza a 3-year-old victim died. The vehicle shot at had tinted windows, but Tao says that it was not a case of mistaken identity because the mother had $2500 and heroin under the car seat. Possibly a dealer.

Provenza calls Sharon and says they are in the middle of a gang war.

Later, Sanchez, Sykes and Buzz search while a kid smokes pot and watches them. They find a casing. Julio tells Buzz to secretly record the kid's face while he goes to talk to the kid. Kid says he didn't see anything but then says he saw a red car. He goes inside. Julio tells the others to re-interview the kid after school.

Sharon, Tao and Provenza look at the car. It looks like she was sitting with her foot on the brake and the car in drive when the shooting happened. Julio finds that the casings are in one gang's territory and the shooting was in another. Sharon orders the victim's money checked for prints and her phone dumped.

Provenza surmises that the car rolled into enemy territory.

A ballistics expert talks to Sykes, who brings her the casings. The ballistics expert says this bullet looks like it matches a gun used in a cop killing case over 10 years ago. She thinks Sykes is the only one who can help her. She doesn't want Sykes to tell Tao. She gives her the number for Hickman, a corrupt cop who perjured himself and planted evidence.

Rusty is hurrying into a parking lot and someone is following him. He apologizes for the zoo thing and wants to know where Rusty's mom is. Rusty says Sharon is his mother and if Gary doesn't stop bothering him he will tell her. Sharon disappeared on him. Rusty asks how that feels and says he will call the police if Gary doesn't leave him alone.

Chief Taylor doesn't want them releasing to the media that this was a gang related shooting.

Reverend Daniel Price preaches in front of the camera about how the cops waited 15 minutes to get there. Provenza says nobody was in a hurry. Taylor says he doesn't want people rushing and ending up accused of excessive force. Howard says they won't be able to diffuse the tension until they find out what happened. Provenza says the father is being transported from prison to find out what he knows.

The father doesn't want to talk about Tamika and accuses the cops of planting drugs. Provenza wonders if maybe the father left the dope there previously. He goes nuts when he finds out his son is dead and yells at Julio to stop lying at him.

Sykes goes to talk to Hickman. He assumes she is trying to make Lieutenant using her minority status to help her. She tells him about the casings. He tells her she has to go before his wife comes back. His problem isn't that he tried to frame Price, but that the era of white men is over. He is sure Price killed Reese. He has security camera footage. Reese was off duty, during a robbery, but the robbers found the badge and killed Reese. Price got off because the murder weapon could not be recovered. There was someone in a getaway car outside -- maybe that person had the gun.

Provenza says that they never connected the shootings because the gang members were in custody. Chief Taylor doesn't want Hickman involved because he perjured himself. He wants them to concentrate on last night's victims. Tao says Emil Fisher, Price's accomplice, was just released from prison.

Rusty interrupts Provenza looking at security footage because he's worried about his bio mother. Provenza says she is in Eagle Rock. Buzz does a background check and finds she is doing well and he has new address and phone number. Provenza wants to know why he wants to know. Rusty says Gus asked and he felt guilty about letting it all go. Provenza gives him the info.

Detective Dunn looks at the new security footage. She looks sadly at the crime scene photos from Eric Dunn's murder. She says no one remembers her husband died trying to protect Rachel Gray, and that he died for nothing. She wants to know if the same person who killed Eric killed Tameka.

Dunn wants to know where Emil is, but they don't know. Their lists of his associates are outdated. Dunn is crying but wants to help. 

Sykes gets a call. They found the pot smoker. He demands his mother. Julio says that if he's only 15 he can't have a medical marijuana card and they're arresting him for smoking pot yesterday. He claims he has a lot of money from working as a plumber after school. He begins to panic. Julio yells at him and Sharon is keeping an eye on him.

The kid claims he saw nothing and that they're trying to get him killed.  Flynn says if he doesn't cooperate he's sending him back to the streets with no money. The kid says Tamika got dope from Price's church. Sharon wants Price brought in.

Rusty tells Gus how he's worried about his mom. Gus says that he will check on Rusty's mother wile Rusty sends Gary on a wild goose chase. They decide to do it by Facetime. They kiss. Gus says he can handle doing this.

Price's lawyer claims that Price is harassed by the cops. Price wants to improve relations. His lawyer says no double jeopardy and that the case was dismissed with prejudice.

Sharon asks about last night's shooting. Lawyer claims the police didn't respond fast enough. Price says he baptized Tamika. She was possibly at a fellowship dinner the previous evening. Sykes gets a text from Hickman.

Tao asks about Fischer. Lawyer claims they don't talk anymore. Provenza asks to search the church.

Hickman calls Sykes and tells her this is stupid and that the heroin is going to be moved. He's at the church. He thinks there's suspicious activity.

Julio sees Sykes on the phone. He tells her they have a warrant -- offering envelope Tamika had. Lawyer denies it means anything. Provenza and Sharon want to search the church. Price agrees. Taylor says he wants Buzz to film the whole thing so they can't be accused of wrongdoing.

Gus knocks on Mrs. Beck's door. She won't open the door for him because she doesn't know him but she relents when she sees Rusty on the phone. She says she has a job and is working and is sober. She freaks out when she hears Gary is following Rusty. She says all she can tell him is to stay away from her and Gary. She loves him and will contact him if she can. She keeps saying she loves him and throws Gus out.

The cops go to the church. Provenza and Buzz give instructions. But Hickman shows up. Provenza says they'll worry about that later. Police dog starts barking at the altar. Buzz films  as they open the altar. They find the gun that was used in all the killings. To be continued....


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Major Crimes Season 4 Episode 19 Quotes

Asthma and anxiety. The smog causes the asthma and the police cause the anxiety.


All right. Make sure you keep this area clear and try not to start any riots.